Wax MV "Fly High" Feat. Bebop

Trendz 09.18.14 | 08:52AM EDT

Wax release their MV for "Fly High" featuring girl band Bebop


Clazziquai Release Full Length MV Of "Still I'm By Your Side"

Trendz 09.18.14 | 08:48AM EDT

Full MV of Clazziquai's "Still I'm By Your Side" MV

G.NA and Kim Tae Woo

G.NA and Kim Tae Woo Collaboration For "Us"

Trendz 09.18.14 | 08:43AM EDT

Singers G.NA and Kim Tae Woo sweet duets for "Us"


Taewan Newest Digital Single "No Need To Talk"

Trendz 09.18.14 | 08:39AM EDT

Taewan a.k.a C-Luv drops newest single track "No Need To Talk"

Kim Jin Ho

Kim Jin Ho Comeback With His Second Album+ "People" MV

Trendz 09.18.14 | 08:36AM EDT

Singer Kim Jin Ho returns with his Mv for "People"


EXO's Lay BTS Video For Fly To The Sky "Missing You" Remake

Trendz 09.17.14 | 08:43AM EDT

Making the remake video shared by EXO's Lay on "EXO 90:2014"


TaeTiSeo Revealed Their Full MV For "Holler"

Trendz 09.17.14 | 08:41AM EDT

Full length Mv of must awaited Mv of TaeTiSeo "Holler"


Rookie Group N*White Release Their MV For "Hello Boy"

Trendz 09.16.14 | 08:49AM EDT

Newest girl group N*White released their sweet MV for "Hello Boy"


TEEN TOP release MV For "Missing"

Trendz 09.15.14 | 08:40AM EDT

Kpop boy group TEEN TOP is Back with newest track "Missing"


2PM Release Their Party Version Of "Go Crazy"

Trendz 09.15.14 | 08:34AM EDT

2PM got a lot of party going on with their party version of "Go Crazy"


Clazziquai MV Teaser For "Still I'm By Your Side"

Trendz 09.15.14 | 08:27AM EDT

Cute Mv with a touch of funky and fun beat

Verbal Jint

Verbal Jint Release MV of "I Smell Autumn"

Trendz 09.15.14 | 08:26AM EDT

The song featured Eddy Kim, laid back song with a slow melody and R&B combination.

John Park

Singer John Park Showed New Image For His "U" MV

Trendz 09.12.14 | 08:39AM EDT

Single album comeback of John Park with a new transformation on "U"


SPICA.S Unveils Their MV For "Give Your Love"

Trendz 09.12.14 | 08:36AM EDT

Sub unit of kpop girl group SPICA, SPICA.S revealed their MV for "Give Your Love"

Big Star

Big Star Release Comeback Track "F'orget U"

Trendz 09.12.14 | 08:34AM EDT

Self composed ballad release by Big Star

Super Junior's 'MAMACITA' MV Chosen For August's 'Most Viewed K-Pop Videos In America And Around The World'

Super Junior's 'Mamacita' Selected As 'Most Viewed K-Pop Video In America And Around The World'

Trendz 09.12.14 | 09:42AM EDT

Group Super Junior's new title song, "MAMACITA," has already received much attention all around the world just 3 days after its release.


Mom makes accidental, unforgettable cameo in son's music video

Trendz 09.11.14 | 09:51AM EDT

Parent's just don't understand.


Hitchiker Full MV Of "11 (Eleven)"

Trendz 09.11.14 | 08:30AM EDT

Producer from SM Entertainment revealed full MV of "11(Eleven)"

2PM's 'GO CRAZY!' MV Receives Global Attention And Hits Over 1 Million Views

2PM's 'GO CRAZY!' MV Receives Global Attention And Hits Over 1 Million Views

Trendz 09.11.14 | 09:51AM EDT

Group 2PM's new song, "GO CRAZY!" has received over a million views on YouTube just one day after its release.

go and damiano

Collaboration Between MBLAQ's G.O and Rapper Damiano For "No Diet"

Trendz 09.10.14 | 08:37AM EDT

Teaser video of MBLAQ's G.O and rapper Damiano for his dedut track

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