MBLAQ's G.O Showed His Support To Rapper Damiano For His Track "No Diet"

Trendz 09.10.14 | 08:33AM EDT

MBLAQ's G.O didn't forget to cheer rapper Damiano for his debut track "No Diet".


Kpop girl group T-ara Get Funky On Their "Sugar Free" MV

Trendz 09.10.14 | 08:28AM EDT

T-ara made their funky comeback with their MV of "Sugar Free"


2PM Comeback With Their "Go Crazy" MV in Korean Version

Trendz 09.10.14 | 08:25AM EDT

Kpop boy group 2PM made their comeback with "Go Crazy" MV in Korean version


2PM Comeback With Their "Go Crazy" MV In Japanese Versions

Trendz 09.10.14 | 08:20AM EDT

Kpop boy group 2PM made their comeback with "Go Crazy" MV they Japanese versions.


HIGH4 MV Of Their Dance Choreography Of "Headache"

Trendz 09.09.14 | 08:27AM EDT

HIGH4 releases their dance version of MV "Headache"

EXO Suho and Tao

Behind The Scene Clips Of Suho and Tao For "EXO 90:2014"

Trendz 09.09.14 | 08:19AM EDT

Mnet's release a bts video of Suho and Tao for their "EXO 90:2014"


YG Entertainment Trainees Showed Their Impressive Moves On "Mix & Match"

Trendz 09.09.14 | 08:16AM EDT

Fans get to see upcoming YG trainees for their second teaser of "Mix & Match"


AOA Looking a Lot Sexier On Their Short Japanese Version Of "Miniskirt" MV

Trendz 09.08.14 | 04:07AM EDT

Kpop girl group AOA released their sexy Japanese version of "Miniskirt"

KPop Transformation (GDragon Hair & Outfit | Crooked M/V)

KPop Transformation (GDragon Hair & Outfit | Crooked M/V)

Trendz 09.06.14 | 11:39AM EDT

Want to look like a KPop Star this Halloween? To be more specific, do you want to dress or look like GDragon this coming Halloween or just in general.


SHINee Revealed Their Japanese MV Teaser For "Downtown Baby"

Trendz 09.05.14 | 10:32AM EDT

Sneak Peek on SHINee's Japanese MV track "Downtown Baby"


TEEN TOP Reveal Their 2nd Teaser For "Missing"

Trendz 09.05.14 | 10:28AM EDT

Kpop boy group TEEN TOP revealed their 2nd teaser for "Missing"


Steps Of NASTY NASTY's "Knock"

Trendz 09.05.14 | 10:21AM EDT

NASTY NASTY shared their step by step dance moves for "Knock"


Taemin Release His "Ace" Concept For BeatBurger Project

Trendz 09.04.14 | 08:27AM EDT

Taemin and his "Ace" concept MV


GilMe Drops Her Solo MV "Success (Don't Kill My Vibe)"

Trendz 09.04.14 | 08:22AM EDT

GilMe comeback with her newest track "Success(Don't Kill My Vibe)"


NASTY NASTY Gets Sexy On Their Practice Video For "Knock:

Trendz 09.04.14 | 08:14AM EDT

Sexy dance video for "Knock" featuring ZE:A's Kevin, Nine Muses Kyung Li and Sojin

Orange Caramel

Orange Caramel's Funky MV "The Gangnam Avenue"

Trendz 09.03.14 | 08:57AM EDT

Kpop girl group Orange Caramel on their MV of "The Gangnam Avenue"

Kim Jong Min

Kim Jong Min Release His MV for "Sali Go Dali Go"

Trendz 09.03.14 | 08:53AM EDT

Koyote's Kim Jong Min already released his newest comeback track "Sali Go Dali Go"


NASTY NASTY Releases Their Steamy MV For "Knock"

Trendz 09.03.14 | 08:48AM EDT

Star Empire co-ed trio NASTY NASTY unveils their MV for "Knock"

Shin Ji Hoon

Shin Ji Hoon Release Her Full Length MV For "Crybaby"

Trendz 09.02.14 | 04:27AM EDT

Shin Ji Hoon full Mv for "Crybaby"


Kpop Boy Group TEEN TOP Revealed MV Teaser For "Missing"

Trendz 09.02.14 | 04:25AM EDT

TEEN TOP released their MV teaser for track "Missing"

Puer Kim

Puer Kim Releases MV Track for "Bank"

Trendz 09.02.14 | 04:21AM EDT

Puer Kim made her comeback with MV of "Bank"

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