Leessang's Gary and Jung In Collaboration for MV "Bicycle"

Trendz 09.01.14 | 04:48AM EDT

Leessang's Gary and Jung In collaborates for the MV "Bicycle"

Royal Pirates

Royal Pirates Impressive Live Performance MV For "Love Toxic"

Trendz 09.01.14 | 04:42AM EDT

Live Performance MV release by Royal Pirates for their track "Love Toxic"

Jay Park

Jay Park Releases His Full MV For "So Good"

Trendz 09.01.14 | 04:33AM EDT

Singer Jay Park already releases his 2nd album "Evolution" and it includes the track "So Good"

Ulala Session

Ulala Session Showed Their Dance Moves On The Street For MV Of " You & Me"

Trendz 09.01.14 | 04:28AM EDT

Ulala Session Released Their MV For " You & Me"


Baechigi Drops Their Full MV For "Boy Jump"

Trendz 08.29.14 | 05:12AM EDT

Baechigi release their full MV for "Boy Jump" featuring MAMAMOO's Wha Sa and guest appearance of Ailee and Eru

SISTAR's 'I Swear' MV Receives Spotlight From U.S. Billboard

SISTAR's 'I Swear' MV Receives Spotlight From U.S. Billboard

Trendz 08.28.14 | 08:18AM EDT

U.S. Billboard spotlighted SISTAR's new song, "I Swear."

Hyung Don and Defconn

Duo Hyungdon and Defconn Released Their " Real Bad Girl"MV

Trendz 08.28.14 | 04:56AM EDT

Hilarious duo Hyungdon and Defconn releases their mini album 'Dark Gangsta Rap Volume 1'!


EXID Comeback With "UP & DOWN" MV

Trendz 08.27.14 | 04:44AM EDT

Kpop girl group EXID Sexy comeback with "UP & DOWN" MV

Jay Park

Jay Park Release Teaser Video For Upcoming Track "So Good"

Trendz 08.27.14 | 04:29AM EDT

Singer Jay Park teases fans for his upcoming track "So Good"


InStyle Magazine Shared Video Of Henry's Photo Shoot

Trendz 08.26.14 | 04:47AM EDT

Super Junior-M's Henry on Instyle Magazine photoshoot


Kpop Boy Group TOUCH returns With Their Remake Debut Of "Me"

Trendz 08.26.14 | 04:39AM EDT

Comeback time for Kpop boy group TOUCH with a remake of "Me"


Kpop Boy Group TASTY Released Their Chinese MV for " You Know Me"

Trendz 08.25.14 | 04:19AM EDT

TASTY treat their Chinese fans with their Chinese version of their song "You Know Me"

Katy Perry

Katy Perry "This Is How We Do" Official Music Video Makeup Tutorial!

Trendz 08.24.14 | 09:59AM EDT

Learn how to do the makeup of Katy Perry from the official music video "This Is How We Do". Enjoy!

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori "Miss Korea" MV Inspired Makeup Tutorial♥

Trendz 08.22.14 | 11:19AM EDT

Get the look of Lee Hyori "Miss Korea" MV inspired. Here is a tutorial to steal her secret in achieving that gorgeous look.


LABOUM Revealed MV Teaser For debut Song "Pit-a-Pat"

Trendz 08.22.14 | 11:10AM EDT

Kpop girl group LABOUM release their debut song teaser "Pit-a-Pat

Royal Pirates

Royal Pirates Release Their Teaser Video For "Love Toxic"

Trendz 08.22.14 | 11:03AM EDT

The boys of Royal Pirates captivate the girls with their MV of "Love Toxic"


Kemy Releases Her Solo MV Track For "I'll Fly"

Trendz 08.21.14 | 05:03AM EDT

A.KOR's Kemy continues to fly with their solo MV "I'll Fly"


JJCC Looks Cool On Their Comeback MV "One Way"

Trendz 08.21.14 | 04:59AM EDT

Kpop boy group JJCC releases their full length for their MV "One Way"


Stellar Displayed Their Sexy Charms On Their MV For "Mask"

Trendz 08.21.14 | 04:54AM EDT

Kpop girl group Stellar returns with their goddess charms for their MV of "Mask"

Sunny Hill

Sunny Hill Is Back With Their Full Length Of "Monday Blues"

Trendz 08.21.14 | 04:49AM EDT

Kpop girl group Sunny Hill is back with their full length MV of "Monday Blues"

Lip Sevice

Lip Service Comeback With Their Song "Too Fancy"

Trendz 08.21.14 | 04:44AM EDT

Lip Sevice, a hip hop trio returns with their song "Too Fancy" for their single "Upgrade"

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