"Hitmaker" Released MV Of Big Byung's "Stress Come On"

Trendz 08.20.14 | 04:50AM EDT

MV video of Big Byung with gangsta song "Stress Come On"


Upcoming Girl Group LABOUM releases Teaser MV For "Petit Macaron"

Trendz 08.20.14 | 04:43AM EDT

LABOUM releases their sexy teaser for their mini album "Petit Macaron"

Wheesung and Bumkey

Collaboration Between Wheesung and Bumkey For "The Price Of Love"

Trendz 08.20.14 | 04:37AM EDT

Wheesung and Bumkey teaser for their collaboration single "The Price Of Love"


TASTY Released Short Teaser For Their Chinese Version Of "Addiction"

Trendz 08.20.14 | 04:30AM EDT

Kpop duo TASTY releases their MV teaser for the Chinese version of "Addiction"


Rookie Girl Group BILLION Drops Their Fun MV For "Sallang Sallang"

Trendz 08.20.14 | 04:25AM EDT

Newest girl group BILLION made a trip to the beach for their summer track "Sallang Sallang"

Orange Caramel To Collaborate With 'Where's Waldo?' For 'My Copycat' MV

Orange Caramel To Collaborate With 'Where's Waldo?' For 'My Copycat' MV

Trendz 08.20.14 | 09:59AM EDT

After School's unit group Orange Caramel will be collaborating with "Where's Waldo?" for their "My Copycat" music video.


JJCC Releases Comeback MV Teaser For "One Way"

Trendz 08.19.14 | 04:21AM EDT

Kpop boy group JJCC release MV teaser for title track "One Way"


AlphaBAT Teases Fans With "Oh My Gosh" MV

Trendz 08.19.14 | 04:18AM EDT

Kpop boy group AlphaBAT releases their "Oh My Gosh" MV teaser

SHINee Taemin Tops China Iqiyi Chart With 'Danger' MV

SHINee Taemin Tops China Iqiyi Chart With 'Danger' MV

Trendz 08.19.14 | 09:56AM EDT

SHINee member Taemin's first solo album, ACE, title song, "Danger," has stopped the China music video chart.


Orange Caramel Looks Cute On Their 4th Single MV " My Copycat"

Trendz 08.18.14 | 03:58AM EDT

Kpop girl group Orange Caramel releases their official MV for "My Copycat"

Jay Park

Jay Park Releases His Offical MV For "The Promise"

Trendz 08.18.14 | 03:54AM EDT

Singer Jay Park made a promise to his fans to released a black and white MV of "The Promise"


Girl Group Girl2School Is Back With Their Digital Single "Hands in the Air"

Trendz 08.18.14 | 03:49AM EDT

Girl2School is back with a fun and upbeat song "Hands in the Air"


B1A4 Practice Video For "Solo Day"

Trendz 08.15.14 | 04:49AM EDT

Kpop boy group B1A4 releases its practice video for "Solo Day"


SECRET Showed Their Sexiness For Their Practice Video Of " I'm In Love"

Trendz 08.15.14 | 04:35AM EDT

Fans of SECRET would fall for this girls after seeing their practice video


KARA Release Their Trailer MV for "Mamma Mia"

Trendz 08.15.14 | 04:30AM EDT

KARA drops their MV trailer featuring the four member for their comeback track "Mamma Mia"


Kpop Girl Group SISTAR Reveal The Making Of "Touch My Body" MV

Trendz 08.15.14 | 04:27AM EDT

SISTAR had shared the making of "Touch My Body" MV


SHINee's Taemin Releases Medley Songs For His Mini Album "Ace"

Trendz 08.14.14 | 04:36AM EDT

Taemin shared what fans could expect for his mini album "Ace"

Royal Pirates

Korean Trio Royal Pirates Sings" Seoul Hillbilly"

Trendz 08.14.14 | 04:27AM EDT

Royal Pirates are back with a new single "Seoul Hillbilly"


ESNA Debuts With The Release of MV "I,I Love You"

Trendz 08.14.14 | 04:16AM EDT

Korean singer, songwriter debut with MV "I,I Love You"

Girl's Day 'Something' MV Inspired Makeup Tutorial♥

Girl's Day 'Something' MV Inspired Makeup Tutorial♥

Trendz 08.13.14 | 11:32AM EDT

Learn how to steal the look of Girl's Day from "Something" MV. Check out this video t help you get started.

Shorry J

Shorry J Releases His Solo Single MV Teaser For "Snapback Girl"

Trendz 08.13.14 | 04:43AM EDT

Mighty Mouth's Shorry J releases his first solo single 'Snapback Girl"

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