Shinhwa's Dongwan reveals MV for "He Sunshine

Trendz 11.20.14 | 11:33AM EST

Shinhwa's Dongwan has revealed the music video for his pre-release track "He_Sunshine"!


G-Dragon and Taeyang releases MV for 'Good Boy'!

Trendz 11.20.14 | 11:08AM EST

Big Bang's GDragon and Taeyang are the first hip hop project from YG Entertainment,

Epik High releases making of 'Born Hater' MV

Trendz 11.20.14 | 10:59AM EST

Epik High has revealed behind-the-scenes footage from the making of their MV


Hyorin and Joo Young releases 'Erase' MV

Trendz 11.20.14 | 10:33AM EST

A collaborative track "Erase" has finally been released from artists SISTAR'S Hyorin and Joon Young of The Starship.


HI SUHYUN's 'I'm Different' MV featuring Bobby hits 1 million YouTube views

Trendz 11.20.14 | 10:26AM EST

HI SUHYUN's MV for "I'm Different" featuring Bobby has hit 1 million views on YouTube within a day!


Dance Version Of "Celebrate" Released By UNIQ

Trendz 11.18.14 | 06:38AM EST

A dancer version MV released by kpop boy group UNIQ for the animation film 'Penguins of Madagascar'


Tiny-G M Releases More Teaser For "The Only One"

Trendz 11.18.14 | 06:31AM EST

Tiny-G's subunit Tiny-G M already releases their teasers for their Thai album "The Only One"


HI SUHYUN Revealed MV For for 'I'm Different' feat. Bobby!

Trendz 11.18.14 | 06:23AM EST

Finally the much awaited Mv of HI SUHYUN featuring iKON's Bobby


Wu Yi Fan releases 'There Is A Place' MV

Trendz 11.13.14 | 06:50AM EST

"There Is A Place" is the OST for the movie 'Somewhere Only We Know' wherein Kris (Wu Yi Fan)'s sang

GOT7 releases MV teaser for 'Stop Stop It'

Trendz 11.11.14 | 06:22AM EST

GOT7 releases MV teaser for 'Stop Stop It'

Nicole will debut as a solo artist with MV teaser for 'MAMA'

Trendz 11.11.14 | 06:10AM EST

Former KARA member Nicole is will now debut as a solo artist. Her solo album is reported for release on the 19th.

AOA releases 'Like a Cat' MV

Trendz 11.11.14 | 05:56AM EST

AOA is back with a cat concept!

VIXX drops a 'lip and dance' version of the 'Error' MV

Trendz 11.03.14 | 05:51PM EST

VIXX drops a 'lip and dance' version of the 'Error' MV

Boyfriend releases MV for 'White Out'!

Trendz 11.03.14 | 05:48PM EST

Boyfriend releases MV for 'White Out'!

Topp Dogg releases making of 'Annie' MV

Trendz 10.29.14 | 12:27PM EDT

Topp Dogg released their behind the scenes of their music video for "Annie"!


Super Junior released MV for Evanesce

Trendz 10.28.14 | 09:07AM EDT

Super Junior has released another MV for their album This is Love,a special repackaged edition of the 7th album MAMACITA.

Strawberry Milk

Strawberry Milk released 2nd making-of video for 'OK' MV

Trendz 10.25.14 | 08:46AM EDT

Twins Way and ChoA debuted as a subunit with the name Strawberry Milk and released song with the title "OK"

Group S

Group S reveal 'Without You' MV starring Girls' Generation's Yuri

Trendz 10.23.14 | 07:32PM EDT

Group S reveal 'Without You' MV starring Girls' Generation's Yuri

Bobby Kim releases 'Apology' MV

Trendz 10.23.14 | 07:29PM EDT

Bobby Kim releases 'Apology' MV


SuperJunior released MV for This is Love

Trendz 10.23.14 | 07:00AM EDT

SuperJunior released MV for This is Love

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