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U.K. Actor Tom Holland Insults Eric Nam During V Live Interview

Hot Issues 07.17.17 | 04:06PM EDT

U.K. Actor Tom Holland Insults Eric Nam During V Live Interview

Jeon Somi Eat's Dried Bugs

Jeon Somi Made Eating Insects Easy? Collabs With Eric Nam In 'You, Who?' [WATCH]

Stars on TV / Movies 03.08.17 | 04:02AM EST

Jeon Somi finally scratches eating insects in her bucket list; Collabs with Eric Nam's digital single 'You, Who?'

Eric Nam will have a collaboration for

Eric Nam's Partner In Collaboration Of 'You, Who?' Revealed To Be Jeon Somi

Headlines 03.07.17 | 10:46AM EST

Eric Nam is about to release new digital single "You, Who?." It was revealed that the official partner would be former IOI member, Jeon Somi.

Eric Nam

5 K-pop Stars Who Were Discovered On Youtube: Ailee, Eric Nam, KASPER and more!

Headlines 03.04.17 | 09:14AM EST

Youtube is a popular platform to showcase the talent of K-pop stars like KASPER, Eric Nam, C-Clown, Ailee and Young K.

Eric Nam revealed his plans in music for

Eric Nam Revealed His Future Plans In Music On Interview With 'Marie Claire'

Interviews 03.03.17 | 03:29AM EST

Eric Nam just had an interview with fashion magazine "Marie Claire."He revealed his further plan in music. Moreover, his collaboration with Tablo and Gallant was a great success.

Eric and Tablo

Eric Nam Reveals Plans On Marriage And Compares Looks With Epik High's Tablo

Trending News 01.29.17 | 11:12AM EST

Eric and Tablo appeared on the radio show "Cultwo Show" to talk about marriage and their similar looks.

Eric Nam and Timbaland

Eric Nam Collaboration With Timbaland's Song 'Body' Audio Released

Trending News 01.06.17 | 09:28AM EST

Eric Nam and Timbaland recently collaborated at MAMA 2016 where they came up with a song titled 'Body.' The song's audio was recently released by Eric.

Eric Nam

Eric Nam Giives the Right Presents for Namjoo and Chorong' A Pink

Hot Issues 12.26.16 | 08:15AM EST

Eric Nam was one of the MC in "Yang Nam Show" special and given the mission to give presents to A pink members with the budget under 20000 won. Yet, with the tight budget, he succeeded to give the right presents for the girls and they feel touched.

Dean, Eric Nam, and B.I.G. spotted in Los Angeles for “Unforgettable Gala”

Hot Issues 12.18.16 | 09:50PM EST

ICYMI: Three Kpop stars are making some noise in LA.

Tablo. Gallant and Eric Nam in the cover of W Korea Magazine.

Tablo, Eric Nam, American R&B singer Gallant to launch collaboration single

Headlines 12.07.16 | 03:23PM EST

Tablo, Eric Nam and Gallant are reported to film the music video for their collaboration single. They attended the 2016 MAMA.

MAMA 2016

Watch every MAMA 2016 performance here!

Headlines 12.03.16 | 09:17AM EST

Check out the performances that rocked the MAMA stage last night!

CL of the newly disbanded 2N1, together with Eric Nam and Dean try to jailbreak into the American music scene.

CL, Dean, and Eric Nam all try to break into the US music scene

Headlines 12.02.16 | 04:58PM EST

Three K-Pop artists - CL, Dean, and Eric Nam, are trying their best to make it big in the US.

EXO's Chen and Heize

EXO's Chen And 'Unpretty Rapstar' Rapper Heize To Collaborate For SM STATION

Headlines 04.04.16 | 11:43PM EDT

EXO's Chen and rapper Heize will collaborate and release a single for SM's music channel project, SM Station.

GOT7 wins

SBS 'Inkigayo' Round-up: GOT7 Win #1 On The April 3, 2016 Episode

Headlines 04.03.16 | 10:58PM EDT

GOT7 sweeps the week of music shows and wins their fourth first place trophy on 'Inkigayo.'

Eric Nam's We Got Married Wife Revealed To Be Mamamoo's Solar

Eric Nam's We Got Married Wife Revealed To Be Mamamoo's Solar

Headlines 04.05.16 | 01:10AM EDT

An insider also revealed why Solar was chosen to be paired with Eric Nam.

GOT7 wins

'Music Bank' Highlights: GOT7 Win #1 On The April 1, 2016 Episode + Performance Recaps

Headlines 04.02.16 | 12:08AM EDT

GOT7 wins their third trophy on the April 1 episode of 'Music Bank.'

GOT7 wins 2nd trophy on 'M! Countdown'

'M! Countdown' Highlights: GOT7 Win #1 And Defeat Mamamoo On The March 31, 2016 Episode + Performance Recaps

Headlines 03.31.16 | 08:49PM EDT

GOT7 wins their second first place trophy during the March 31 episode of 'M! Countdown.'

Eric Nam

Who Will Be Eric Nam's Wife On The Next Round Of We Got Married?

Headlines 03.31.16 | 09:04PM EDT

Currently, two girl group members are officially being considered to become the star's wife, while a third member is rumored to have already been chosen.

GOT7 wins

GOT7 Takes 1st Trophy Win For 'Fly' On 'The Show'

Headlines 03.29.16 | 10:17PM EDT

GOT7 wins their first trophy for 'Fly.'

Red Velvet wins

SBS 'Inkigayo' Round-up: Red Velvet #1 On The March 27, 2016 Episode

Headlines 03.28.16 | 05:54PM EDT

Red Velvet ends the week of music shows with a clean sweep and wins on the March 27 episode of 'Inkigayo.'

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