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Female Idols Who Are Even Sexier In Suits

Features 09.06.17 | 09:53PM EDT

Female Idols Who Are Even Sexier In Suits


Did Suzy Renew Her Contract With JYP or Sign With a Different Label?

Headlines 08.01.17 | 07:32PM EDT

Did Suzy Decide To Renew Her Contract With JYP or Sign With a Different Label?


This CF Model Is Voted More Popular Than Bae Suzy & AOA Seolhyun

Hot Issues 07.24.17 | 07:24PM EDT

This CF Model Is Voted More Popular Than Bae Suzy & AOA Seolhyun

Jia of miss A

Jia Opened Up Her True Feelings About miss A & J.Y. Park

Interviews 06.08.17 | 10:46AM EDT

Jia wasn't always in a good term with her former producer at JYP Entertainment. The former miss A member often expressed her desire to quit because of her rough relationship with J.Y. Park.

Lee Min Ho & Suzy Bae

Lee Min Ho, Suzy Bae Dating: ‘Personal Taste’ Star Wrapped Up Photo Shoot Before Heading To The Military, Suzy Bae Stressed Over Separation?

Hot Issues 05.09.17 | 03:23PM EDT

Lee Min Ho has wrapped final photo shoot before serving in the military starting May 12. Meanwhile, girlfriend Suzy Bae is rumored to have separation anxiety.

Why Suzy Bae Doesn’t Anymore Care What People Think Of Her

Why Suzy Bae Doesn't Anymore Care What People Think Of Her

Hot Issues 04.14.17 | 08:12PM EDT

Suzy Bae has just revealed that she doesn't anymore care too much on what people say or think of her.

Suzy Bae

Suzy Bae Talks Her Long-life Journey In Search Of Happiness

Hot Issues 03.22.17 | 05:07AM EDT

Suzy Bae recently opened up about the hardship of being an idol that she has to endure.

Min of miss A

Min of miss A' and G.Soul Confirmed to Have Broken Up!

Trending News 03.09.17 | 07:36AM EST

G.Soul and Min have recently decided to part ways, and a source from JYP Entertainment has confirmed the break-up news after checking with the two artists.

Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk To Begin Shooting For Supernatural Drama 'While You Were Sleeping'

Headlines 03.01.17 | 07:15AM EST

Lee Jong Suk is ready to start filming for supernatural drama "While You Were Sleeping" where he stars as a prosecutor who tries to prevent crime from happening with the help of a woman who can dream of the events before they happen.

Park Won and Suzy Bae

Park Won, Suzy Bae Collaborate On "Don't Wait for your Love," Single Drops On Feb 28

Headlines 02.21.17 | 02:51AM EST

Park Won And Suzy Bae Collaborate on "Don't Wait for your Love". Single to be released on February 28 at 12 pm.

Kpop Group

Kpop Groups With Non-Korean Members: EXO, 2PM, GOT7, and More!

Buzz 02.20.17 | 03:10AM EST

These Kpop groups, including Super Junior M, EXO, 2PM, and many others include non-Korean members.


Suzy’s Upcoming Collaboration With Singer Park Won Confirmed!

Trending News 02.18.17 | 09:51PM EST

Suzy posted a photo on her Instagram with singer Park Won hinting that she will be doing a new collaborative track very soon.

Suzy and Lee Min Ho [ Love Story 3 ] 수지 & 이민호

Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae Wedding Update: 7 Years Before Wedding Bells Ring for Korea's It Couple?

Buzz 02.17.17 | 06:31AM EST

Suzy Bae says she might get married at the age of 31 while Lee Min Ho says he is already to elope with girlfriend and get married. Suzy Bae releases solo album and gets cast in new drama While You Were Sleeping with Lee Jong Suk while rumors of City Hunter 2 with Park Shin Hye won't die for Lee Min Ho.


‘Off The REC. Suzy’: 'Pretend' Singer Reveals Her Veteran Part-Timer Side In The New Episode

Hot Issues 02.18.17 | 09:54PM EST

Suzy proved what a good friend she is to cover for her sick friend working as a waiter at a brunch cafe for a day on the new episode of "Off The REC. Suzy".

[Album Review] Miss A's Suzy Solo Album

[Album Review] Miss A's Suzy Solo Album 'Yes? No?'

Reviews 01.31.17 | 07:23AM EST

An album review of Miss A's Suzy solo debut album, "Yes/ No?."

Suzy's picture for

Suzy Shares Stories From Filming 'Yes No Maybe' MV In Hong Kong, Plus Special Clip For Fans

Reviews 01.24.17 | 08:50PM EST

Suzy's "Yes No Maybe" MV was filmed in Hong Kong. She shared that one of the scenes was on laundromat and it was in a real place where many people were busy doing their laundry on the other side of the room. Yet, the MV turned out well.

Miss A Suzy is Ready For Solo Debut After Releasing 3 Teasers

Miss A Suzy is Ready For Solo Debut After Releasing 3 Teasers

Headlines 01.09.17 | 10:08AM EST

JYP Enmtertainment has released teasers for Miss A's Suzy upcoming solo debut. Suzy will be releasing a songtitle "Yes? No?"

Meng Jia’s teaser for “Who’s that girl”.

Former Miss A’s Jia is Back with 'Who's That Girl'

Headlines 01.04.17 | 01:01PM EST

Definitely, you missed her raps and her funky voice and moves. Former miss A member Jia is definitely back with her first music after leaving the girl group with “Who’s that girl”.


K-Pop groups whose contracts will end next year

Headlines 12.28.16 | 11:04AM EST

Here is the list of Korean Groups whose contract are going to expire next year.

Miss A's Suzy To Release A Solo, Finishes MV Filming

Miss A's Suzy to release solo projects, finishes MV filming

Headlines 12.02.16 | 03:02AM EST

Miss A's Suzy is rumored to release a solo song or album. It is also rumored that she has finished the filming of her music video.

Suzy, Baekhyun

EXO's Baekhyun and Miss A's Suzy to perform "Dream" at the 2016 MAMA for the first time!

Headlines 11.29.16 | 04:25AM EST

After almost a year since "Dream" was released, EXO's Baekhyun and Miss A's Suzy are confirmed to perform the song on the MAMA stage for the first time.

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