Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton’s Desperate For A Comeback—And Some Cash Money (Records)

Trending News 05.24.13 | 03:22PM EDT

paris signs on for some cash money

Paris Hilton Signs With Cash Money Records, Plans To Release New Album This Summer [VIDEO]

Trending News 05.23.13 | 02:30PM EDT

Paris Hilton has teamed up with Hip Hop label Cash Money Records for her sophmore album.

Paris Hilton Latest Celebrity In New Swatting Trend

Trending News 03.24.13 | 10:36AM EDT

A new prank call trend known as “Swatting” has claimed another celebrity victim. Paris Hilton was “swatted” Sunday evening when a prank caller dialed 911 claiming someone had broken into the heiress’ home.

Paris Hilton Gives Guided Tour of Personal Closet; Shows Off Fashion Line

Trending News 02.01.13 | 10:01AM EST

Paris Hilton recently gave visitors a guided tour of her personal closet. The American heiress and fashion designer showed off her extensive collection of designer dresses, shoes, and furs. Paris Hitlon explained that her closet is divided into sections including one wing for shoes and another for red-carpet wear.

Park Jin Young,

Park Jin Young, "I WIll Give Paris Hilton Headphones as a Present"

Buzz 11.15.12 | 01:25PM EST

Park Jin Young stated that he would give Paris Hilton headphones as a present.

Kim Jang Hoon Taught Paris Hilton 'Bbuing Bbuing'

Kim Jang Hoon Taught Paris Hilton 'Bbuing Bbuing'

Stars on TV / Movies 09.25.12 | 04:07PM EDT

Singer Kim Jang Hoon talked about the experience he had with Paris Hilton when he filmed the music video.

Paris Hilton States,

Paris Hilton States, "Kim Jang Hoon is Such a Nice Guy! I Love Korea!"

Headlines 08.24.12 | 10:03AM EDT

Hollywood star Paris Hilton meets with Korean singer Kim Jang Hoon.

Paris Hilton to Be Casted for Kim Jang Hoon's New Music Video

Paris Hilton to Be Casted for Kim Jang Hoon's New Music Video

Headlines 08.22.12 | 08:18AM EDT

Worldwide celebrity Paris Hilton has been casted to feature in Kim Jang Hoon's new music video.


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