[Album Review] April ‘Prelude’

[Album Review] April ‘Prelude’

Reviews 01.31.17 | 08:34AM EST

An album review of April's latest mini album "Prelude".

April Releases 'Prelude' Album Teaser

April Releases MV Teaser For ‘April Story’ Plus ‘PreLude’ Album Teaser

Headlines 01.02.17 | 12:30PM EST

April has released a music video teaser for thier title track "April Story". April has also previously released thier "PreLude" album teaser.

Dionysus, seen here hitting the slopes.

Korean Rock Recall: The Excess and Ecstasy Of Metal Band Dionysus's 1989 Instrumental 'Legend of Darkness' [AUDIO]

Reviews 12.29.14 | 06:10PM EST

Dionysus may have been Korea's first neoclassical metal band and on "Legend of Darkness," they weren't afraid to shred.


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