How Did SHINee Feel After Former President Barack Obama Praised Them In His Speech?

Headlines 09.13.17 | 07:05PM EDT

How Did SHINee Feel After Former President Barack Obama Praised Them In His Speech?

President Obama Favorite TV Series Are ‘Anything With Touch Of Reality’; Find Out What TV Habits Make Him A ‘Little Darker’

Trending News 01.02.14 | 09:45PM EST

In this age where fictional characters from different TV shows become as iconic and as influential as the real ones, the country's first black president said that he, too, get stuck on their television set, amused and amazed by by several TV shows.

Scandal Season 3 Premiere Gained 10.5 Million Views And A Fan Out Of Nick Cannon, But Actress Kerry Washington Doubts President Obama Was Watching

Trending News 10.05.13 | 05:52AM EDT

While Kerry Washington revealed that Nick Cannon became a new fan of "Scandal" after the Season 3 premiere, the actress was so sure if the real President was tuning in.

Putin to Snowden: Shouldn't you be leaving soon? Wants Anna Chapman for Himself

Trending News 07.15.13 | 03:22PM EDT

Russian President Putin Says Edward Snowden should leave the country at his earliest opportunity.

Hillary Clinton Leads 2016 Poll In Iowa; Would Win White House Over Rand Paul And Marco Rubio

Trending News 05.25.13 | 09:24AM EDT

Hillary Clinton leads a 2016 poll of potential presidential candidates in Iowa, one of the most crucial states in the race for the White House.


T-ara Sohyun: "Presidents should keep promises"

Interviews 01.28.12 | 06:24PM EST

T-ara's Sohyun explains what a good president should be like.


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