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K-Pop dominates TIME Magazine's 'most talked-about music artists of 2016'; find out who among your favorite artists made it to the list!

Headlines 12.13.16 | 09:21PM EST

K-pop had definitely dominated social media this 2016. Find out which k-pop artists made the most noise on social media this year.

Prince performs onstage during the 'HitnRun' tour at The Fox Theatre on April 9, 2015 in Detroit, Michigan.

Prince’s New Album 'HITNRUN' Release Date Confirmed On Jay Z's Music Streaming Website Tidal

Trending News 09.01.15 | 05:34PM EDT

The release date for Prince's new album "HITNRUN" has been confirmed. Prince's first album since 2013 will be released exclusively on Jay Z's music streaming website Tidal.

A Song Off Prince Solo Album Released; Stream Futuristic Funk 'U Know' Online

Trending News 09.02.14 | 11:03PM EDT

A song off the forthcoming Prince solo album has been released and can be streamed for free online.

Prince To Release Solo Album By September; Previews First Single

Trending News 08.26.14 | 06:44AM EDT

After four years, Prince's solo album is finally slated to be released in September 30. Along with the release date was the preview of his single "Clouds."

Mayda Miller

K-Pop Crossover: Korean-American Singer Mayda Miller Discusses Working With Prince's Rhythm Section [EXCLUSIVE]

Features 06.16.14 | 08:19PM EDT

Korean-American funk rock artist Mayda breaks stereotypes and musical boundaries.

Adele New Album 2014 Update: Prince Will Not Collaborate With ‘Someone Like You’ Singer On New Song; Release Date This Fall?

Trending News 02.27.14 | 03:13PM EST

Adele's new album may release as early as this fall, but don't expect to see a collaboration with Prince on the track list

Chris Brown Love Making Skills Started At Age 8 And Singer Compares Himself To Prince Because Of It + Life Lessons From Rihanna Assault

Trending News 10.05.13 | 05:46PM EDT

Chris Brown's love making skills started at age eight and, as a result, he compares himself to the legendary sex machine Prince.

Prince Tweets New Single Artwork Featuring Dave Chappelle; Is it a Joke? Wait, Prince Tweets? (Video)

Trending News 08.20.13 | 04:26PM EDT

Dave Chappelle is gracing the artwork for the new Prince single, “Breakfast Can Wait,” and he’s appearing as Prince. The Prince cover artwork recreates one of Dave Chappelle’s most famous bits. When Dave Chappelle played Prince for laughs in 2004.

Dave Chappelle Prince Meme Makes Singer's New Song Cover & Jump Starts The Comedian's Comeback [SEE]

Trending News 08.20.13 | 03:06AM EDT

After Prince featured Dave Chappelle's meme of himself as artwork for his new single "Breakfast Can't Wait," fans anticipate the comedian's comeback.

Prince Breakfast Can Wait Features Dave Chappelle in Cover Art [VIDEO]; Can Breakfast Wait if It's Delicious Pancakes Seved By Dave Chappelle?

Trending News 08.19.13 | 02:32PM EDT

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


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