Rain comeback album

Rain at Busan International Film Festival.

Rain Hints At Retirement After Final Comeback Album In Late 2017

Headlines 06.06.17 | 09:20AM EDT

Rain has announced that he will be making a comeback in November or December this year but before fans can celebrate, he also raised the subject of retiring from singing and dancing. The singer and actor made the statement during the Viral Fiesta in Bangkok.

Teaser poster released Dec.19. from Rain's agency R.A.I.N.  indicating Jan. 15, 2017 as his official comeback date.

Rain has determined his comeback date in January

Headlines 12.19.16 | 08:20PM EST

Singer Rain has set Jan. 15 as the official date of his comeback. He has revealed a teaser poste of his comeback.

Rain in the perforrmance for the  “The Squall World Tour” in August this year.

Rain News & Update: 'Ways to Avoid the Sun' star to release comeback album in January

Headlines 12.14.16 | 01:27PM EST

After his last album “Rain Effect” has gained a success in 2014, next year Rain will make a comeback with the new album.


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