K-Pop Review: 7th Album - Only One by BoA

Headlines 08.26.12 | 08:33PM EDT

BoA hasn't become one of Kpop's reigning Queens by accident. This woman has show serious dedication in what she does, and "Only One" shows not her ability to reinvent herself, and to go against the grain an still come out on top...

Only One by BoA

Kpop Review: 'Only One' by BoA

Headlines 08.01.12 | 10:00PM EDT

"Only One" is the title track from BoA’s 7th album. This ballad pop song will please BoA's old fans, as well as introduce her to many of the newer fans, which will in turn have both fans listening back to all of her old music, from her Korean songs to her Japanese and even her American songs.

Psy 6

K-Pop Review : 'Psy 6 Rules Part 1' by Psy

Reviews 07.27.12 | 02:25PM EDT

Psy made an explosive comeback with Part 1 of his 6th album, "Psy 6 Rules Part 1" and displayed his unique, and strong skills as a song writer, and an artist. I loved every bit of this album, and I can't critique anything about it, so this review is more about the things I loved most about the album.


K-Pop Review: Party (XXO) by GLAM

Headlines 07.25.12 | 08:38PM EDT

After watching the music video, and listening to the song, and reading the lyrics I can see that there was real effort in the production of this group, and song. I loved "Party (XOO)," it was fun to listen to, fun to watch, and the more I listen to it the more I love it. I look forward to more songs from GLAM, and if they keep it up with this kind of music I can definitely stay a big fan of theirs.


K-Pop Review : Sexy Lady by Wooyoung

Reviews 07.19.12 | 09:51PM EDT

He didn't prove me wrong for being skeptical, and he didn't reinvent himself as something more than just a 2pm member. When I compare the quality of his solo album, to labelmate Jo Kwon's, who debuted around the same, I see such a different level of quality, and especially comfort. I can't give Wooyoung high marks for this promotion because he just did not stand out the way he should have.

Sexy, Free & Single

K-Pop Review: Sexy, Free & Single by Super Junior

Headlines 07.10.12 | 09:48PM EDT

Many fans may be disappointed that this isn't a typical catchy track, but that isn't the point of Super Junior. Sexy, Free & Single has shined light on other genres that Super Junior has the potential to explore. With each listen, I'm enjoying the song more and more. Fans who are tired of factory-cranked pop may grow a liking to this different track.

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