‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1’ Review: Sad Katniss Misses Peeta For 123 Minutes

Trending News 11.21.14 | 06:15PM EST

"Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1" felt like half of a great movie. There was a lot of build and not a lot of satisfaction by the end of this installment - only shock, discomfort, and the feeling of something missing. Read on for my review.

Days Like Today

On A 'Day Like Today' - Why 2AM's New Song Is Prefect For Fall [Blog]

Features 11.01.14 | 02:06PM EDT

2AM's "Days Like Today" is the perfect song for these crisp, fall days.

Ipsy October 2014 Bag Review [+VIDEO]: ECRU Acacia BB Cream For Hair, Épicé Purifying Exfoliant, Figs & Rouge Hand Cream, Noyah Lipstick, NYC New York Color Big Bold Curl Mascara

Trending News 11.03.14 | 09:10PM EST

My Ipsy October 2014 glam bag had its ups and downs. Read on for my reviews about my Ipsy October 2014 glam bag, which included the ECRU Acacia BB Cream For Hair, Épicé Purifying Exfoliant, Figs & Rouge Hand Cream, Noyah Lipstick, and NYC New York Color Big Bold Curl Mascara.


Moved to Tears By BEAST [Blog]

Reviews 10.25.14 | 10:42AM EDT

Some songs are so good, they literally make you cry.


Jung Yong Hwa Still Tugging At Our 'Heartstrings' 3 Years After The Drama's Premiere

Stars on TV / Movies 09.20.14 | 04:53PM EDT

A quick review of Jung Yong Hwa's drama, "Heartstrings"

Barca Restaurant NYC Review: A New Brunch Is In Town, Bringing A Spanish Flare To Nolita

Trending News 08.18.14 | 06:16PM EDT

A new restaurant in NYC, Nolita delivers a delicious brunch menu with a Spanish flare.

‘The Dog’ Review: A Gay Love Story About A Self-Obsessed Pervert Who Hates Al Pacino

Trending News 08.18.14 | 05:50PM EDT

John Wojtowicz - whose "dramatic love story" inspired "Dog Day Afternoon," starring Al Pacino - blurs the line between a man who would do anything for love and a man who would do anything for a great story to impress people with.

Sony Xperia Z1 Price, Review: Android Smartphone Specs Incl. 5” Display, Quad-core Processor, 16 GB Memory, 2 GB RAM, 20.7 MP Camera; Still An Ironman Handset

Trending News 07.31.14 | 11:18AM EDT

Sony Xperia Z1 Price, Review

Nokia Lumia 525 Price, Review: Specs Of Windows Smartphone Incl. 4” Display, Dual-Core Processor, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB Memory, 5 MP Camera; Colorful, Budget-Friendly Alternative

Trending News 07.31.14 | 08:30AM EDT

Nokia Lumia 525 price, review

Big Bang Taeyang's Solo Album, 'RISE' Is First K-Pop Album To Have All Songs Reviewed By U.S. Billboard

Big Bang Taeyang's Solo Album, 'RISE' Is First K-Pop Album To Have All Songs Reviewed By U.S. Billboard

Trending News 07.11.14 | 09:11AM EDT

Group Big Bang member Taeyang's solo album, RISE, is the first K-Pop album to have all songs reviewed by U.S. Billboard.

‘Godzilla’ 2014 Review: Girls, You Can Enjoy This Movie Too; Here’s Why

Trending News 05.29.14 | 05:09PM EDT

"Godzilla" 2014 may not be your top-choice movie to see this spring if you're into rom-coms or chick flicks. But trust me, girls - "Godzilla" 2014 is awesome. Go see it with your boyfriend/brother/nerdy uncle and you won't regret it. Here's why "Godzilla" 2014 is girl-friendly.

House of Cards Kevin Spacey Hints His Show Is Not Far From Reality; CNN Thinks The Netflix Series Is ‘Extremely Skewed’

Trending News 02.25.14 | 04:56AM EST

"We can get done shooting on a day, and I'll come home and turn on the news and I'll think, 'You know, our storylines are not that crazy. They're really not.'"

Flappy Bird Shut Down Is A Marketing Strategy, Says Forbes’ Paul Tassi; Writer Says Game Creator Dong Nguyen Is A Lottery Winner Rather Than A Talented Author

Trending News 02.09.14 | 10:39PM EST

Paul Tassi, a tech and games expert from Forbes online, thinks everything that the Vietnamese game developer said are just marketing stunts.

Facebook Paper App Review: FB’s New Mobile News Reader Is So Good There Is Now A Battle For Name Ownership

Trending News 02.04.14 | 09:36PM EST

Facebook has launched a new app called Paper which tech experts say as the company's big push to deliver "the best personalized newspaper in the world."

Group BMLA

CNBLUE Rock The USA with 'BLUE MOON' World Tour 2014: Live in NYC & LA

Trending News 01.30.14 | 10:04AM EST

Hallyu Rock band CNBLUE Rock the U.S.A with two stops added to their hugely successful 'BLUE MOON' World tour in New York City and Pasadena, California.

Gain's controversial 'FxxK U' MV was directed by Hwang Soo Ah

Gain's Shocking 'FxxK U' MV Is Director Hwang Soo Ah's Latest Boundary-Pushing Endeavor

Reviews 01.28.14 | 08:08AM EST

Violent, uncomfortable, and... sexy? Dissecting the dark themes of 'FxxK U'

‘Oldboy' Remake Review - Spike Lee Disappoints As New Film Is Called 'The Old Movie With Western Actors Minus The Subtitles'

Trending News 11.28.13 | 04:10AM EST

"Oldboy" was a South Korean movie that became an international classic. Movie fans embraced the film all over the world for its thrilling story, spectacular fight scenes and a twist to rival "The Sixth Sense." A Hollywood was anticipated, but it took all of ten years. Hollywood maverick Spike Lee was up to the task.

`American Horror Story: Coven’ Premieres Its New Incarnation, Witches; What the Critics Are Saying

Trending News 10.10.13 | 11:45AM EDT

American Horror Story season 3 episode 1: American Horror Story: Coven Casts a Spell on Most Reviewers

`Breaking Bad’ Season 5 Finale Review Roundup: Did `Felina' Live Up to the Hype?

Trending News 10.02.13 | 10:58PM EDT

Breaking Bad” Season 5 Finale Review Roundup: Big buildup, big payoff.

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