Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Review Roundup: What Did The Critics Think? Not Exactly Super

Trending News 09.25.13 | 01:07PM EDT

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Review Roundup: “Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D,” the new superhero series from Joss Wheedon premiered last night on ABC to mixed reviews.

Maserati Ghibli Price Starts at $65,000; For the `Most Demanding Customers’ `Not for Everyday Driving' (Review Highlights)

Trending News 06.29.13 | 12:27PM EDT

Maserati Ghibli price starts at $65,000 and the earlies Maserati Ghibli review says Maserati oozes glamour and the Ghibli looks great and seems well made, but it’s not for everyday driving. The new Maserati Ghibli hits American showrooms in September.

K-pop Review: Lee Hi First Album - 1집 - First Love Part 1, 'Released Too Soon?

Reviews 03.10.13 | 06:10PM EDT

...this album is that it came WAY too soon. Lee Hi just debuted, and though she has the perfect voice for this genre of music, its is not strong enough to carry her through her career...

K-pop Review: One Shot by B.A.P

K-pop Review: One Shot by B.A.P

Headlines 03.04.13 | 03:55PM EST

B.A.P made their first comeback of 2013 and finally delivered greatness.

RE: BLUE Jacket Cover

[Review] CNBLUE’s 4th Mini Album: RE: BLUE, 'Defined True Colors'

Headlines 02.28.13 | 11:31PM EST

CNBLUE came back strong after a 10 month hiatus from the Korean music scene with their powerfully addictive 4th mini album ‘RE: BLUE’.

B.A.P. 2nd Mini Album: ONE SHOT

K-Pop Review: B.A.P. - ONE SHOT

Headlines 02.19.13 | 12:24AM EST

A review on B.A.P.'s recent mini-album release.

Safety Zone

K-pop Review: Safety Zone by DMTN

Reviews 02.16.13 | 10:38PM EST

DMTN, formerly Dalmatian, made a bit of a surprise comeback with single, "Safety Zone."

From left, Sunny, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Seohyun, Yoona, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Jessica and Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation pose for their fourth full-length album “I Got a Boy.”

Girls' Generation Tries for New Sound, Image with 'I Got a Boy' But Do They Succeed?

Headlines 02.04.13 | 07:00PM EST

Fans and critics are divided over Girls' Generation's fourth full-length album "I Got a Boy."

K-Pop Review: Just JeA by JeA

K-Pop Review: Just JeA by JeA

Reviews 01.25.13 | 02:09PM EST

Brown Eyed Girls' JeA made her solo debut with mini album, "Just JeA."


K-Pop Review: INFINITE H - Fly High [Debut Mini Album]

Headlines 01.12.13 | 03:16AM EST

A review on INFINITE's sub-unit, INFINITE H's first mini album.

K-Pop Review: I Like That by GLAM

K-Pop Review: I Like That by GLAM

Reviews 01.07.13 | 09:43AM EST

This song is not as good a song as "Party (XXO)," and is a kind of forgettable, but it still has the stamp of GLAM's greatness on it, so my fandom continues.

SNSD I Got A Boy

K-Pop Review: Girls' Generation(SNSD) - I Got A Boy

Headlines 01.02.13 | 11:13PM EST

A review on Girls' Generation's latest music video "I Got A Boy" from their new 4th Album.

The First Collage

K-Pop Review: The First Collage

Reviews 12.09.12 | 09:24PM EST

Not only did this album do wonder's for Yang Yoseob's individual image but it really strengthened Yong Junhyung's image as a producing, songwriting idol. He did a pretty solid job especially with the title song, and after listening to "카페인 (Caffeine)," I crave a self-produced solo album from Junhyung!

Noh Jihoon 1st Mini Album

K-Pop Review: Noh Jihoon - 'The Next Big Thing'

Headlines 11.23.12 | 01:14PM EST

A review on Noh Jihoon's debut mini album: 'The Next Big Thing.'

K-Pop Review: Melting by HyunA

K-Pop Review: Melting by HyunA

Headlines 11.09.12 | 09:26PM EST

As a whole, I really don't care for this album, and it was forgettable for me. However, Hyun Ah did provide us with another catchy summer time hit (even though it was released in the fall).

K-Pop Review: Blockbuster by Block B

K-Pop Review: Blockbuster by Block B

Headlines 11.06.12 | 11:13AM EST

After a long and agonizing wait, Block B made a explosive comeback with their 1st full length album, "Blockbuster," following a 10 month hiatus after serious controversy cut their last promotions short.


K-Pop Review: Look At Me by Jewelry

Reviews 10.24.12 | 06:15PM EDT

...I just couldn't come to love this album. Since the departure of veteran members Park Jung Ah, and Seo In Young it seems Jewelry is really struggling to find a solid new image, and as a result the group is in a weird place....

Epik High '99'

Epik High's 7th Album '99' Releases[VIDEO]

Headlines 10.22.12 | 03:31AM EDT

The hip hop trio, Epik High is now back with full force with their album '99'!

One of A Kind

K-Pop Review: One of a Kind by G-Dragon

Reviews 10.11.12 | 10:30AM EDT

My favorite thing about this album, that I feel other artists NEED to follow suite on, is that every last song on this album could have been the title song, and could have been promoted.

K-Pop Review: Hippity Hop by EXID

K-Pop Review: Hippity Hop by EXID

Headlines 10.10.12 | 11:13AM EDT

"Hippity Hop" shows that among the flood of new Kpop groups EXID is a force to reckoned with..."

XIA Junsu Uncommitted

K-Pop Review: Uncommitted by XIA Junsu

Headlines 09.08.12 | 09:07PM EDT

Rather than promoting himself with a typical dance hit he is using his strongest skill, his voice, to put his foot in the door...

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