Samuel Seo

Jeon Jiyoon

Jeon Jiyoon Is Candid In bnt Interview About How She Moved On After4Minute’s Disbandment

Trending News 03.31.17 | 08:51AM EDT

Jeon Jiyoon obliged for an interview with bnt and was apparently asked about how she feels after 4Minute's disbandment wherein she said that she feels nostalgic about the times they were together when she watches the group's videos'.

album cover for Samuel Seo's new single

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Samuel Seo Dials In A Deep And Enticing Electro Soul Sound On 'New Dress Girl' [AUDIO]

Reviews 09.15.15 | 03:21PM EDT

On his latest single "New Dress Girl," released Monday, R&B singer Samuel Seo of the South Korean underground hip-hop crew New Block Babyz has a sound that delivers on several fronts.



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