Sistar Bora Claims "We All Live in the Nude"

Hot Issues 01.17.12 | 12:21PM EST

Sistar member Bora confessed that all the members of Sistar "walk around naked" at their residence.


Sistar Bora reveals 'Members walk around the house naked"

Stars on TV / Movies 01.17.12 | 04:10AM EST

Girl group Sistar member Bora revealed "Members walk around the house naked".

BoA To Lee Seung Hoon “Do You Hate Me?”

Stars on TV / Movies 01.16.12 | 05:28PM EST

Lee Seung Hoon odd reaction prompts BoA to ask a surprising question.

YG vs. JYP

Theft On Set: JYP Gets Robbed Of Lee Ha Yi By YG

Hot Issues 01.16.12 | 05:07PM EST

Two labels want one emerging artist. One wins.


T-ara Sweeps the Subway

Headlines 01.16.12 | 04:40AM EST

On the 15th, T-ara's new song 'Lovey Dovey' was awarded first place in SBS 'Music Trend'. This was the first time that T-ara had won first place on a nationally broadcasted program.

Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo's Stylish Fashion Sense

Etc 01.16.12 | 04:10AM EST

On the 15th, Dynamic Duo's Gecko posted a picture on his twitter along with the comment, "Soon we will be performing on SBS 'Music Trend'."


Mir and Go Eun Ah siblings making an appearance on 'Strong Heart' together

Stars on TV / Movies 01.16.12 | 01:05AM EST

Mir and Go Eun Ah siblings with make a co-appearance on Strong Heart together.


BoA's set of nine different face expressions on KPOP Star

Stars on TV / Movies 01.14.12 | 11:49PM EST

Singer BoA's nine different face expressions through survival audition 'Kpop Star' is becoming an issue.


Wondergirls Sunye 'Heart of an angel'

Hot Issues 01.03.12 | 01:00PM EST

Wondergirls leader Sunye's heart of gold is becoming an issue.


Kara Nicole suggests first kiss to IU

Stars on TV / Movies 01.01.12 | 03:37PM EST

Kara member Nicole suggested first kiss to IU.

running man

SHINee Minho Captures the Invincible Kim Jong Kook

Stars on TV / Movies 01.01.12 | 02:21PM EST

SHINee member Minho showed off his competitive spirit by capturing Kim Jong Kook during a game


SBS 'K-Pop Festival' 2PM's Breathe Taking Performance

Stars on TV / Movies 12.29.11 | 04:12PM EST

SBS 'K-Pop Festival' 2PM's Breathe Taking Performance


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