Big Bang

Big Bang on Billboard!

Headlines 03.15.12 | 11:21AM EDT

Billboard Korea released an article featuring Big Bang who has been making headlines with the successful comeback with their fifth mini-album ‘Alive.’

Big Bang, Adele

Adele Vs Big Bang on!

Headlines 03.14.12 | 09:43PM EDT

Big Bang appeared on the homepage of

Big Bang

Big Bang’s ‘Fantastic Baby’ MV in Japanese

Headlines 03.13.12 | 06:09PM EDT

The music video of Big Bang’s ‘Fantastic Baby’ that has drawn attention as it drew 1 million views in less than 24hours of its release on YouTube, featured on the largest Brazilian music website has release the Japanese version.

Big Bang


Headlines 03.13.12 | 02:44PM EDT

Big Bang with a successful comeback launched the first global event ‘2012 BIGBANG COVER CONTEST.’ Asking fans to produce a cover video of Big Bangs title songs ‘Blue’ or ‘Bad Boy.’ YG surprised fans with yet another cover contest.


Female Employees Sell out Running Man for Big Bang

Stars on TV / Movies 03.12.12 | 04:47PM EDT

Big Bang captured the hearts of the female workers.


Seungri of Big Bang “I wanted to go solo”

Headlines 03.11.12 | 12:43AM EST

Seungri admits that he'd wanted to leave Big Bang

BIg Bang

How Far Along is Big Bang From Entering the Mainstream Media?

Headlines 03.09.12 | 11:56PM EST

Big Bang’s recent movement is unusual, in other words the media all around the world is unusual towards Big Bang.

Big Bang: "YG is on a diet"

Interviews 03.07.12 | 11:06AM EST

In SBS 'TV Entertainment at Night', Big Bang came out as guests and said "Boss Yang is all of a sudden taking care of himself. I think he's on a diet."

TOP Slaps SeungRi:

TOP Slaps SeungRi: "Don't Crop This Out"

Stars on TV / Movies 02.27.12 | 05:38AM EST

Big Bang's TOP slapped SeungRi's face, bringing shock to everyone.

Big Bang's 'Blue' Album Cover Collection

Big Bang's 'Blue' Album Cover Collection

Etc 02.25.12 | 11:53AM EST

Big Bang's 'Blue' Album Cover Collection

Surprise of Seungri-Taeyang-TOP: 'Healing Food' for G-dragon and Daesung

Surprise of SeungRi-TaeYang-TOP: 'Healing Food' for G-Dragon and Daesung

Stars on TV / Movies 02.20.12 | 01:46PM EST

In SBS 'Healing Camp' aired on the 20th, SeungRi, TaeYang and TOP had a surprise cooking performance for G-dragon and Daesung.


Big Bang's Seungri Shares About Comeback

Headlines 02.19.12 | 09:42PM EST

Big Bang’s Seungri shared his feeling regarding their comeback with the release of their new album.

Bing Bang's VOGUE Fashion Magazine Shoot

Big Bang's VOGUE Fashion Magazine Shoot

Fashion & Style 02.19.12 | 01:09PM EST

Big Bang's VOGUE Fashion Magazine Shoot


Big Bang Seungri Reveals a Concept Photo for the 5th Mini Album

Etc 02.15.12 | 09:45PM EST

Seungri's concept photo with short hair and bandaged hands for the 5h album is revealed today.

Se7en, Seungri

Se7en Receives Support for Big Bang’s Seungri

Headlines 02.02.12 | 03:40PM EST

Big Bang’s Seungri showed his support for Se7en by writing a message of support on his me2day.


Japan predicts Luckiest Hallyu Stars for 2012 – Jung Ah, Nana & Lizzy Take Top Spots

Headlines 01.20.12 | 03:51PM EST

Japan predicts Luckiest Hallyu Stars for 2012 – Jung Ah, Nana & Lizzy Take Top Spots

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