Kanye West Rants About SNL And Celebrity Status In NYC

Trending News 05.17.13 | 03:20PM EDT

Known for saying what's on his mind, Kanye let loose and ranted about paparazzi, SNL, and his own celebrity status.

Fred Armisen, Jason Sudeikis To Leave SNL; Senior Cast Members Join Bill Hader, Seth Meyers In Saturday Night Live Exits

Trending News 05.16.13 | 01:05PM EDT

SNL cast members Fred Armisen and Jason Sudeikis to exit for 2013-2014 season

Kristen Wiig Returns to SNL As Host For The First Time

Trending News 05.13.13 | 11:29AM EDT

After a year since leaving the SNL stage, Kristen Wiig comes back to host bringing many of her favorite characters.

Kristen Wiig Returned To Saturday Night Live As Host Last Night

Trending News 05.12.13 | 01:52PM EDT

Kristen Wiig returned to host Saturday Night Live last night. It was her first appearance since she left the show a year ago

Justin Timberlake Mocks Hugo Chavez As He Hosts SNL For The 5th Time

Trending News 03.10.13 | 03:44PM EDT

In his opening skit on Saturday Night Live this week, five time host Justin Timberlake dressed as Elton John and mocked the late Hugo Chavez.


'SNL Crew' Jay Park Postpones The Bikini Show "Next Time I Promise"

Buzz 03.10.13 | 12:29PM EDT

'SNL Korea' crew member Jay Park postponed the bikini show.

Maya Rudolph Pregnancy Bombshell: "Up All Night" Star Pregnant While Her Show Clings To Life After Christina Applegate Quitting

Trending News 02.17.13 | 12:51PM EST

Maya Rudolph is pregnant again.

Justin Bieber Apologizes for Weed Bust on SNL While Teasing Miley Cyrus [VIDEO]

Trending News 02.11.13 | 12:11PM EST

Canadian teen pop singer Justin Bieber hosted the "Saturday Night Live" on February 9.

Son Dam Bi hosting SNL

Son Dam Bi Hosts SNL Korea

Stars on TV / Movies 10.22.12 | 03:20AM EDT

The singer hosts Saturday Night Live Korea.

Psy Is To Appear On The First Live Broadcast Of The New Season Of The U.S. Program 'SNL'

Hot Issues 09.17.12 | 12:44AM EDT

Singer Psy, who is expanding his activities all over the world, is to appear on the America's popular live TV show called 'Saturday Night Live.'


Super Junior Throws Away Their Idol Image by Transforming into Hulk, Wonder Woman, and etc...

Stars on TV / Movies 07.15.12 | 09:19PM EDT

Super Junior threw away their idol image for their appearance on "Saturday Night Live Korea 2."

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