Most Favorite K-Drama OST

5 Most Favorite K-Drama OST That Will Bring Nostalgic Feeling

K-Drama 03.07.17 | 03:48AM EST

K-drama and its OST is a dynamic duo that will make viewers cherish every moment in the drama. Let's see which one of these five K-drama OST is your favorite.


Ailee Expresses Her Longing For Old Love In New Music Video ‘Reminiscing’

Reviews 02.28.17 | 09:35PM EST

Ailee recently released a new music video titled "Reminiscing" that tells the story of someone reviving their old love after a long time.

Jennifer Lawrence Has A Hit Song From 'The Hunger Games:' Haunting New Single 'The Hanging Tree' Takes No. 29 Spot On The UK Top 40 Charts [PHOTO]

Trending News 11.29.14 | 09:59AM EST

Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games

WWE 2K15 Soundtrack Songs Chosen By Wrestler John Cena: Includes 10 New Tracks As Well As A Collaboration With Whiz Khalifa; Soundtrack Available October 21 [PHOTO]

Trending News 10.13.14 | 07:22PM EDT

WWE 2K15 Soundtrack

Bon Iver Writes Song For Zach Braff 'Wish I Was Here' Movie

Trending News 06.30.14 | 03:57PM EDT

Bon Iver has released a new song, "Heavenly Father" inspired by Zach Braff's new movie "Wish I Was Here"

Singer K.Will

K.Will Joins 'You Who Came From The Stars' Soundtrack

Stars on TV / Movies 01.10.14 | 02:31AM EST

K.Will joins 'You Who Came From The Stars' soundtrack.

Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls Reveal Bloopers From Their Movie

Stars on TV / Movies 02.05.12 | 03:38AM EST

The Wonder Girls reveal bloopers from their new movie "The Wonder Girls" aired on the American channel Teen Nick


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