Was Kim Joo Hyuk's Death A Suicide Attempt?

Headlines 11.02.17 | 10:06PM EDT

Was Kim Joo Hyuk's Death A Suicide Attempt?

Actor Kim Sung Min Dies 2 Days After Suicide Attempt

Actor Kim Sung Min Dies 2 Days After Suicide Attempt

Headlines 06.26.16 | 09:11PM EDT

His suicide attempt left him in a comatose state.

Former 'Superstar K' Contestant Kim Hyun Ji Commits Apparent Mass Suicide

Former 'Superstar K' And 'Voice Korea' Contestant Kim Hyun Ji Dies From Apparent Group Suicide

Hot Issues 10.27.15 | 09:54PM EDT

Kim's body was found with those of two men by South Korean police.

Floyd Mayweather Witnessed Murder-Suicide Of Rapper Earl Hayes And Wife, VH1 ‘Hit The Floor’ Star Stephanie Moseley On FaceTime

Trending News 12.09.14 | 05:31PM EST

Floyd Mayweather was allegedly on FaceTime during the murder-suicide of rapper Earl Hayes and wife Stephanie Moseley of VH1's "Hit the Floor."

Ronin Shimizu Commits Suicide After Being Bullied: 12 Year Old From Folson Teased For Being A Male Cheerleader; Was Called 'Gay' For Being The Only Boy On The Cheerleading Team [PHOTO]

Trending News 12.06.14 | 03:03PM EST

Ronin Shimizu

Kendra Wilkinson Confesses Contemplating Suicide After Husband Hank Baskett’s Alleged Cheating Scandal

Trending News 12.04.14 | 12:15PM EST

Kendra Wilkinson reveals that she contemplated suicide after her husband Hank Baskett was accused of cheating on her with a transgender model.

Dropkick Murphys Cancel Show After Man Jumps In Front Of Band’s Tour Bus Causing Fatal Collision

Trending News 11.17.14 | 02:05PM EST

Dropkick Murphys canceled a show in Tulsa after the band was involved in a fatal collision.

Dropkick Murphys Cancel Show After Man Jumps In Front Of Band’s Tour Bus Causing Fatal Collision

Trending News 11.17.14 | 02:05PM EST

Dropkick Murphys canceled a show in Tulsa after the band was involved in a fatal collision.

Dean McDermott Reveals Contemplating Suicide! Tori Spelling’s Husband Discusses Hopeless Thoughts After Cheating Scandal

Trending News 11.05.14 | 08:43PM EST

Dean McDermott revealed on Wednesday that he once had suicidal thoughts over cheating on wife Tori Spelling.

Stephen Collins Suicide Reports False, 7th Heaven Actor Fired From Scandal And Ted 2 In Wake Of Child Molestation Revelation

Trending News 10.08.14 | 06:22PM EDT

Disgraced actor Stephen Collins is alive, despite claims that he had taken his life. He continues to face fallout resulting from the surfacing of a tape in which he admits to child molestation - he has been fired from upcoming roles on Scandal and Ted 2 as police investigate.

‘American Idol’ Alum Josh Gracin In Recovery After Posting Alleged Suicide Note On Facebook

Trending News 08.18.14 | 07:12PM EDT

Former "American Idol" contestant Josh Gracin scared fans recently after posting what appeared to be a suicide note on his official Facebook page. He is now in recovery.

Mourning On Twitter: Daughter of Robin Williams, Zelda, Offered Comforting Words After Father’s Suicide By Frances Bean Cobain, But Quits Twitter After Nasty Fan Comments

Trending News 08.13.14 | 05:51PM EDT

Zelda Williams, daughter of the late actor and comedian Robin Williams is offered words of comfort and love by Kurt Cobain's daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. But rude Twitter comments cause Williams to quit social media site.

Robin Williams Dead At 63: ‘Dead Poets Society’ Actor Dies of ‘Apparent Suicide’ After Battling With Alcoholism And Cocaine Addiction

Trending News 08.11.14 | 07:22PM EDT

‘Dead Poets Society’ actor’s cause of death is believed to be suicide “via asphxiation”, according to Variety’s report on the coroner’s office in Tiburon, California.

Paris Jackson’s Suicide Attempt Leads Mother Debbie Rowe To Seek Custody? Michael Jackson’s Ex Wife After Their Welfare, Not His Estate!

Trending News 04.11.14 | 01:55PM EDT

Paris Jackson's suicide attempt and her lack of improvement after intervention had supposedly led Debbie Rowe to seek the custody of her children. It was clear though that she's after the kids' welfare and not Michael Jackson's estate.

Paris Jackson Leaves Boarding School To Support Brother Blanket; Michael Jackson’s Daughter Looks Healthy After Last Year's Suicidal Attempt

Trending News 03.26.14 | 05:39PM EDT

Paris Jackson is off her boarding school momentarily to support brother Balnket in Calabasas. Michael Jackson's daughter looks healthy after her attempted suicide, which prompted her entry in the Utah-based school.

Father Throws Son Off Skyscraper; Mother Says Threat To Kill The Child Has Been Going On Since The Parents Separation

Trending News 12.25.13 | 12:02PM EST

The suicidal father threw his son off a skyscraper on his first unsupervised visit.

Audrie Pott Saratoga Death Has New Suspect; Classmate Blamed in California Teen’s Suicide

Trending News 07.29.13 | 01:51PM EDT

Audrie Pott, Saratoga, Calif., committed suicide after she was bullied in the aftermath of a sexual assault. A new classmate has been blamed for driving Audrie Pott to suicide. The fifteen-year-old girl hanged herself after she was photographed at a party on Sept. 2 last year after she passed out and allegedly was sexually assaulted. Classmates sent the pictures of the assault around the internet and drove Audrie Pott into a suicidal depression.

Kim Jong Hak's Suicide Note Tirade To Prosecutor In 'Faith' Lawsuit Revealed: 'Ghosts Lament Your Words...I Have Been Framed' Director Writes

Headlines 07.25.13 | 04:09PM EDT

An official from South Korea's Bundang Police Agency confirmed Thursday that the four-page suicide note left behind by Kim Jong Hak contained an angry rant about the prosecutor in a lawsuit filed against the director.

Rebecca Zahau Family Files $10M Wrongful Death Suit Against Millionaire Boyfriend Jonah Shacknai's Family; Murder, Not Suicide

Trending News 07.16.13 | 09:22AM EDT

Rebecca Zahau autopsy report showed that she was murdered, not a suicide. Rebecca Zahau’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the family of her multimillionaire boyfriend, claiming that she was murdered. Rebecca Zahau’s death was ruled a suicide. Rebecca Zahau’s body was found nude and hanging from the balcony of her boyfriend Jonah Shacknai’s mansion. Zahau’s family contends that the 32-year-old California woman was murdered. The wrongful death suit was filed against Shacknai’s ex-...

Peacham Shooting Leaves Two Dead in Apparent Murder Suicide; SWAT Team and Bomb Squad Called

Trending News 06.20.13 | 10:16AM EDT

Peacham shooting that left two dead in Vermont is being called a murder suicide

Jiah Khan Found Dead From Apparent Suicide Hanging: Suspected Boyfriend Of Cheating Prior To Tragedy

Trending News 06.04.13 | 09:53AM EDT

Bollywood actress Jiah Khan, 25, was found dead in an apparent hanging suicide Monday night by her mother.

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