Did AOA's Jimin Get Cosmetic Enhancements or Is She Naturally Changing?

Hot Issues 09.21.17 | 06:08PM EDT

DID AOA's Jimin Get Cosmetic Enhancements or Is She Naturally Changing?


Fans Find Sudden Interest In This Artist's Photos Before Surgery

Hot Issues 08.02.17 | 12:17PM EDT

Fans Find Sudden Interest In This Artists Photos Before Surgery

Actor Kim Sung Min Dies 2 Days After Suicide Attempt

Actor Kim Sung Min Dies 2 Days After Suicide Attempt

Headlines 06.26.16 | 09:11PM EDT

His suicide attempt left him in a comatose state.

Jimmy Fallon at the

Jimmy Fallon Injury News: Host Had Another Accident? Seen With A New Bandage On Hand!

Trending News 12.10.15 | 10:06PM EST

Jimmy Fallon’s injury news has been nonstop this year. On Monday, he was seen with a new bandage on the “Tonight Show” making viewers wonder what accident he got into now.

Jimmy Fallon at the 2014 TCA tour.

Jimmy Fallon Injury News: Host’s Second Finger Surgery Over? Focused On Physical Therapy Now?

Trending News 10.24.15 | 04:03PM EDT

Jimmy Fallon’s finger injury will reportedly need another surgery as the “Tonight Show” host admitted himself in one interview. But recently, he revealed the news that he’s just doing physical therapy now.

Jimmy Fallon during the 2014 Winter TCA Tour.

Jimmy Fallon Injury News: Host Depressed Over Freak Accidents? Hurt Finger Was 'Wake Up Call’?

Trending News 10.17.15 | 10:17PM EDT

Jimmy Fallon recently said his finger injury news was a big “wake up call.” Although the “Tonight Show” host laughed off what happened to him at times, he opened up in a recent interview how he felt lucky after the freak accident.

Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon Injury News: Host Flashes Swollen Finger, Talks About Physical Therapy And Surgery

Trending News 09.28.15 | 09:44AM EDT

Jimmy Fallon proved everyone that he has no fake injury news. He attended the Emmys last weekend without a bandage on his broken finger to show how serious the damage was.

Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon Injury News: Another Surgery Set For Hurt Finger, Host Bitten By Dog During Show?

Trending News 09.21.15 | 09:38AM EDT

The Jimmy Fallon injury news streak has yet to end. As his hurt finger has yet to heal, during one episode of the “Tonight Show” this week, he apparently got hurt again.

Jimmy Fallon Finger Injury

Jimmy Fallon in Hospital After Almost Losing Finger, 'Tonight Show' On Replay For Now?

Trending News 06.27.15 | 12:55PM EDT

Jimmy Fallon bounced back fast in the hospital after he accidentally injured his hand. The talk show host humored his fans on his state by posting updates of his injury on his social media account.

Freddie Prinze Jr. Gets Stitches Removed After Spine Surgery, Shares Happy Twitter Pic

Trending News 12.04.14 | 09:55PM EST

Freddie Prinze Jr. has had his stitches removed after undergoing spinal surgery.


ZE:A Taehun Suffers Nasal Fracture At The Hands Of MMA Fighter Daisaku Tanaka

Headlines 09.14.14 | 12:13PM EDT

ZE:A's Taehun underwent surgery for a nasal fracture after debuting as an MMA fighter

Joan Rivers Update: Doctor Fired After Reported Unauthorized Surgery, Will Comedian's Family Sue?

Trending News 09.12.14 | 04:31PM EDT

Reports have surfaced that the doctor responsible for Joan Rivers' throat surgery has been fired.

Joan Rivers Surgery [Update]: Clinic Receives Death Threats, Guilty Of Medical Malpractice? Autopsy Performed, Cause Of Death Unclear

Trending News 09.05.14 | 02:52PM EDT

The clinic at which Joan Rivers had her final surgery is receiving death threats.

Joan Rivers Stops Breathing During Surgery: ‘Fashion Police’ Star Reportedly In Stable Condition After Presumed Cardiac Arrest, Daughter Melissa En Route To New York Hospital

Trending News 08.28.14 | 01:49PM EDT

Comedienne Joan Rivers reportedly stopped breathing during a surgical procedure on her vocal cords.


Dal Shabet's Subin Still In The Hospital After Undergoing Hip And Leg Surgeries

Hot Issues 06.09.14 | 12:27AM EDT

Subin remains in the hospital after her hip and leg surgery


Kwon Sang Woo Shared His Recovery After His Second Surgery On His Leg

Hot Issues 04.17.14 | 08:51AM EDT


Derrick Rose Surgery – Chicago Bulls Chooses ‘Long Term’ Solution - Former MVP Likely Out For The Season; Will The Bulls Tank?

Trending News 11.24.13 | 11:48PM EST

Derrick Rose surgery was promptly scheduled. The timetable for recovery has not yet been determined. It is highly probable that the Bulls will use the 'out indefinitely' tag for the time being.

Judi Dench Planned Her Surgery Recovery So She Could Walk Red Carpet; Six Weeks And Up; Makes Movie Premiere Look Easy

Trending News 10.27.13 | 06:50PM EDT

Judi Dench Planned Her Surgery Recovery So She Could Walk Red Carpet

Kara's Kim Gyuri

KARA's Park Gyuri Gets Ready for Surgery

Headlines 02.20.12 | 03:11AM EST

Park Gyuri will be getting a surgery to remove nodules and polyps found in her vocal cords last November.


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