Big Bang T.O.P Sunday Magazine

Big Bang's T.O.P Discusses His Upcoming Chair Art Collection With Sunday Magazine

Headlines 02.04.15 | 12:35PM EST

Big Bang's T.O.P had a candid, in-depth interview with Sunday Magazine where he revealed his enthusiasm for art. The idol and emerging furniture designer revealed plans for an upcoming chair art collection.

Top 5 KPop Idol Rappers

Top 5 KPop Idol Rappers

Trendz 01.18.15 | 08:53PM EST

Rap adds a nice touch to our favorite KPop songs. And when it comes to rapping, some idol stars are just better than the others. Let's see who made it to the list of the best of the best rappers in KPop.

Big Bang's T.O.P stars in 'Tazza: The Hidden Card.'

Japanese Fans Look Forward To T.O.P's 'Sculpted Body And Sexy Kiss Scene' In The Movie 'Tazza - Hand Of God'

Headlines 01.17.15 | 04:04PM EST

Japanese media reported about the premiere of "Tazza - Hand Of God" in Japan online.

BIGBANG’s Hot Performance In Sweaty Singapore!

Big Bang Heats Up Singapore For New Years Eve At Country's 50th Anniversary Festival

Headlines 01.05.15 | 06:31AM EST

BIGBANG’s Hot Performance In Sweaty Singapore!

The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2014 List

The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2014 List Includes T.O.P, Baekhyun & Choi Siwon

Headlines 12.31.14 | 04:42PM EST

The Independent Critics List of the100 Most Handsome Faces of 2014 has been released and includes K-pop artists and actors.


Buzzfeed Names T.O.P., Won Bin, 2PM, And More In '21 Gorgeous Asian Men Guaranteed To Make You Thirsty'

Headlines 12.24.14 | 03:55AM EST

Buzzfeed named Big Bang's T.O.P., Lee Byung-hun, Won Bin, 2PM, and Daniel Henney as some of the "21 Gorgeous Asian Men."

T.O.P Poses For L'Officiel Hommes With Silver Hair

T.O.P Poses For L'Officiel Hommes With Silver Hair

Fashion & Style 12.16.14 | 09:00AM EST

Big Bang's T.O.P surprised fans everywhere by returning to his silver locks for the January issue of L'Officiel Hommes.

MAMA 2014

Three Reasons To Watch MAMA 2014 On December 3rd

Headlines 12.02.14 | 07:50AM EST

Trying to decide if you should forego sleep and tune in? Here are 3 reasons you must watch MAMA 2014 live!

MAMA 2014

MAMA 2014 Plans Another 'Kissing Concept' Collaboration This Year

Headlines 11.18.14 | 07:45AM EST

Known for dynamic collaboration stages, the producers of the Mnet Asian Music Awards are saying another kissing concept is in the works for this year.

Big Bang TOP Vogue Magazine November Issue 2014 (2)

Big Bang's T.O.P Exudes European Charm In Additional Cuts From Vogue's November Photoshoot

Headlines 11.19.14 | 07:14AM EST

Vogue releases new b-cut and behind-the-scenes photos from T.O.P's Italy pictorial.

Big Bang

Confessions Of A Big Bang Fangirl

Features 11.23.14 | 11:38AM EST

Four secrets about Big Bang shared by a group of V.I.P's.


K-Pop Birthday Calendar: Which Korean Celebrities Celebrate In November?

Features 11.05.14 | 07:01AM EST

Which of your favorite K-Pop stars will be celebrating their birthday this month?

T.O.P celebrates his birthday on November 4.

Five Reasons Big Bang T.O.P Is One Of The Most Awesome K-Pop Idols

Features 11.04.14 | 07:21AM EST

Happy Birthday to Big Bang’s T.O.P. Here are five reasons why T.O.P is awesome.


K-Drama Stars Celebrate November Birthdays

Features 11.03.14 | 12:00PM EST

The k-drama birthday celebrations this month start on Nov. 4, which is a special day for three k-drama and k-movie stars.


K-Pop Idols In Print: Color Me Vibrant This November

Fashion & Style 11.01.14 | 02:03PM EDT

For our November selection of "Idols in Print", we've rounded up some magazine features that will teach you a thing or two about adding colors and patterns to your outfits this merry season!

Suzy-Soo Hyun

K-Pop Commercial Couples We Adore

Features 11.02.14 | 02:18PM EST

K-Pop idols are some of the most popular endorsement models in Asia - but as these recent ad campaigns have shown, two is always better than one!

Choi Seunghyun Vogue November 2014

T.O.P Shows His Fall Charm In Vogue's November 2014 Issue [Blog]

Fashion & Style 10.26.14 | 12:56PM EDT

Big Bang's T.O.P starred in a pictorial for the November issue of Vogue while looking handsome, cocky and effortlessly cool.

Tazza: The Hidden Card

'Tazza 2' Starring Big Bang's T.O.P Adds Another Texas Screening Date With New Crowdsourcing Platform Tugg

Headlines 10.21.14 | 07:31AM EDT

Crowdsourcing platform Tugg.com proves to be a great outlet for foreign film screenings in the US.

Big Bang

Will Big Bang Make A Comeback In 2014? Taeyang Says That A New Album Is Coming

Headlines 10.13.14 | 11:20AM EDT

A comeback from YG Entertainment's Big Bang is highly anticipated but has been announced at various stages throughout 2014. Taeyang reveals that a new album is the works but the release date is unknown.

Rain in 'Ninja Assassin'

Movies Starring K-Pop Idols [Blog]

Stars on TV / Movies 10.13.14 | 12:55PM EDT

A list of movies starring K-pop idols.

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