Someone Threatened to Kill A Pink With A Bomb - Again!

Headlines 10.19.17 | 07:57AM EDT

Someone Threatened to Kill A Pink With A Bomb -

British Muslim Politician Receives Death Threat For Posting Cartoon Pic Of Jesus And Mohammed On Twitter; Insists God Himself Won’t Feel Threatened By It

Trending News 01.23.14 | 09:08PM EST

"This is not offensive and I'm sure God is greater than to feel threatened by it."

North Korea Missile Threat Video; Missiles Found in Sugar Hold Coming Out of Cuba; Ship Captain Tries To Commit Suicide (Video)

Trending News 07.17.13 | 09:00AM EDT

North Korea sparked a new missile scare after the Coast Guard found “undeclared weapons of war" hidden under shipment of brown sugar that was coming out of communist Cuba. One of the North Korean ships was caught in the Panama Canal trying to sneak "sophisticated" weapons in a shipment of sugar. The captain of the North Korean ship tried to kill himself instead of facing punishment in Panama or facing North Korean dictator Kim Jong un. The seizure raises new fears that Kim Jong Un is c...


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