EXO's Lay requests fans not to blame SM Entertainment, says fainting incident his fault

Trending News 10.21.16 | 01:27AM EDT

After the fainting incident at Incheon International Airport, EXO's Lay finally talks about what happened while respectfully asking the fans not to pin the blame on SM Entertainment.

donghae handsome selfie

A letter from the army, Super Junior's Donghae gives fans update on his birthday

Trending News 10.18.16 | 08:55PM EDT

A year after his enlistment and on his birthday, Super Junior's Donghae wrote a letter to his fans.


EXO's Kai Says Lay Will Join Group in Japan, Dishes Out on Health

Headlines 10.13.16 | 05:30AM EDT

In his latest Naver V live broadcast, Kai discusses Lay's presence on their upcoming concert in Japan. He also gave the fans an update on his own health.

Heroes of the Storm

‘Heroes Of The Storm’ Patch: Draft Lobbies To Include Hero Bans

Trending News 03.26.16 | 10:52AM EDT

The upcoming "Heroes of the Storm" patch will include major changes in the draft lobbies.

Dota 2

‘Dota 2’ Spring Cleaning Update: A Glimpse Of Next Week’s Massive Add-Ons

Trending News 03.24.16 | 03:21AM EDT

The "Dota 2" team posted on its blog that the game's Spring Cleaning update will arrive next week.


Windows 10 Automatically Installs Without Users' Permission?

Trending News 03.19.16 | 12:20AM EDT

Some users complained that Windows 10 automatically installs without their permission.

Microsoft Unveils New Devices Powered By Windows 10

Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade Now Available For Some Existing Windows Devices

Trending News 03.18.16 | 09:36AM EDT

The Windows 10 Mobile upgrade is now being made available for some existing Windows 8.1 devices.

Tao Responds To Claims Of Him Inheriting $3 Billion Fortune From His Father

Tao Responds To Rumors He Is To Inherit $3 Billion From His Father

Headlines 02.02.16 | 01:09AM EST

Tao's father, who demanded Tao's withdrawal from EXO, is reportedly a self-made business magnate who turned $6,000 into over $3 billion over a decade.

Clash Of Clans

'Clash Of Clans' Tips And Tricks: New Update Will Prevent Attacks While You're Away, Learn How

Trending News 11.26.15 | 08:34PM EST

Better defense during the offense.

Playstation 5

Playstation 5 Update: New Progress Sparks Competition With The Xbox Two

Trending News 11.29.15 | 11:20PM EST

Time for the next generation gaming consoles.

Curtis Churn, Moby Frank, Jamelle Jimenez, George Krstic and Mark Yetter at the

‘League Of Legends’ News: Developers Planning To Expand Plot And Redesign Characters?

Trending News 11.20.15 | 10:33AM EST

“League of Legends” players may experience a new gaming experience soon. According to the latest news, its developers have apparently thought of expanding its story and even redesigning some of the characters.

Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon Injury News: Hurt Finger Still Numb, Host Shares Gory Details About Finger!

Trending News 10.10.15 | 01:07PM EDT

Jimmy Fallon’s revealed some gory details about his injury news. He even admitted that despite undergoing therapy for some time now, his finger remains numb.


Insta K-Pop: This Week's Best Idol Instagram Posts (February 9- February 14, 2015)

Features 02.16.15 | 08:20AM EST

Our weekly installment of Instagram updates from K-pop hottest stars.

Tracy Morgan Condition Update: '30 Rock' Actor Goes To 'A Lot Of Rehab;' Comedian's 'Top Five' Releases New Teaser Clip

Trending News 11.05.14 | 04:51PM EST

The Tracy Morgan recovery update doesn't bode well as comedian Chris Rock revealed that he's still traumatized by the accident. Meanwhile, teaser clip for "30 Rock" actor's newest film "Top Five" has been released.

Michael Schumacher Update: Wife Corinna Stays Positive As ‘Schumi’ Awakens From Coma; F1 Champion’s Race Outfit Up For Auction

Trending News 07.12.14 | 10:44PM EDT

Michael Schumacher update is here and his wife Corinna still stays positive after the seven-time champ awoke from coma. Schumi's race outfit, meanwhile, was submitted for auction to the highest bidder.

Oscar Pistorius Trial Update: Not Mentally Ill When He Killed His Girlfriend

Trending News 06.30.14 | 02:39PM EDT

Experts have ruled that Oscar Pistorius was not mentally ill at the time when he murdered his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Netflix 'Daredevil' Project Update: 'Hunger Games' Star Elden Henson Announced To Be Playing Foggy Nelson: Joins 'Sin City' Star Rosario Dawson And Vincent D'Onofrio [PHOTO]

Trending News 06.26.14 | 06:23PM EDT

The Daredevil show has cast Elen Henson as Foggy Nelson.

Michael Schumacher Update: F1 One Champion’s Manager Issues Statement To Clarify ‘Schumi’s’ Condition; Fans Weary Of Racer’s State As He Enters Sixth Month In Coma

Trending News 06.03.14 | 09:58PM EDT

michael schumacher's manager debunks rumors that the seven-time champion is already close to waking up

Michael Schumacher Update: ‘Schumi’s’ Full Recovery Decreases As He Spends 150th Day In Coma? Canada Grand Prix To Feature German F1 Champion’s Documentary

Trending News 05.28.14 | 09:58PM EDT

Michael Schumacher update reveals that the German F1 champion is now on his 150th day of medically induced coma while medical experts continue to express their concern over his full recovery.


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