kwanghee becomes MC for vitamin

ZE:A's Kwanghee Becomes A New MC For 'Vitamin'

Stars on TV / Movies 12.30.14 | 11:40PM EST

Group ZE:A's member Kwanghee became a new MC for "Vitamin."


TEEN TOP Niel Revealed The Group's Dorm Is Not Spotless

Stars on TV / Movies 10.05.14 | 12:58PM EDT

During a recent episode of KBS 2TV's 'Vitamin,' TEEN TOP's Niel says his health might be at risk because the group's dorm is not as clean as it could be

EXID Attends the Photoshoot for Vitamin C Drink 'Prinkles'

EXID Attends the Photoshoot for Vitamin C Drink 'Prinkles' - Sep 17, 2014 [PHOTOS]

Endorsement 09.17.14 | 07:54PM EDT

EXID Attends the Photoshoot for Vitamin C Drink 'Prinkles' - Sep 17, 2014 [PHOTOS]

hyosung healthy

'Vitamin' SECRET Hyosung, Proved To Be Healthy Both Mentally And Physically

Stars on TV / Movies 08.29.14 | 12:16AM EDT

Girl group SECRET's member Hyosung was proved to be a 'healthy beautiful lady'.

hoya sungkyu healing food

Men's Healing Food According To INFINITE's Hoya And Sungkyu?

Stars on TV / Movies 06.07.14 | 10:30AM EDT

INFINITE's members Hoya and Sungkyu revealed their healing food.

secret hyosung pain from car accident

SECRET Hyosung, "I Still Have After Effects From Our Car Accident"

Stars on TV / Movies 05.15.14 | 06:27AM EDT

SECRET's member Hyosung talked about the after effects of their car accident. jaw joint problems

G.Na, Diagnosed With Jaw Joint Problems "She Needs To Get It Fixed Right Away"

Stars on TV / Movies 05.01.14 | 07:35AM EDT

Singer G.Na was diagnosed with jaw joint problems.

dohee back problems

Tiny G Dohee, "I'm Only 21 But My Knee Joints Hurt Sometimes"

Stars on TV / Movies 02.28.14 | 03:16AM EST

Tiny G's member Dohee was diagnosed with back problems.

Kara’s Hara and Han Seung Yeon Have Blood Vessel Problems??

KARA Goo Hara and Han Seung Yeon Have Blood Vessel Problems??

Headlines 08.28.13 | 08:56AM EDT

Kara's Hara and Han Seung Yeon were diagnosed with having hardened arteries.

G.NA, Severely Underweight Diagnosis,

G.NA, Severely Underweight Diagnosis, "Needs To Gain 10.5kg"

Stars on TV / Movies 08.10.12 | 08:31PM EDT

Singer G.NA was diagnosed with being severely underweight.

Singer G.NA is Shockingly Diagnosed as Very Underweight

Stars on TV / Movies 08.09.12 | 09:23PM EDT

Singer G.NA took a medical examination, and it was revealed that she is very underweight and at risk for Hypoglycemia


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