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Dan Toler Dies: Allman Brothers Guitarist ‘Dangerous Dan’ Died of ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Trending News 02.27.13 | 10:31AM EST

Allman Brothers guitarist Dan Toler dies of Lou Gehrig's disease at his home in Sarasota, Florida on Monday, Feb. 25, according to his manager Glen Halverson.

NASCAR Fans To Sue After Horrific Daytona Crash Injures Three; NASCAR ‘Unaware Of Any Lawsuits Filed’

Trending News 02.27.13 | 10:31AM EST

NASCAR fans plan to sue the racing corporation, after 3 spectators were injured last week during a crash at the Daytona Motor Speedway, just a day before the famous Daytona 500 was held at the same track.

Melissa King, Miss Teen Delaware Steps Down After Porn Video Leaked [VIDEO]

Trending News 02.27.13 | 09:42AM EST

The former Miss Teen Delaware Melissa Kind has resigned after a video of her appeared on a porn website.

Kellie Pickler, Wynonna Judd, Andy Dick Picked For Next Season's 'Dancing With The Stars': Maksim Chmerkovsky Not Returning [PHOTO]

Trending News 02.26.13 | 09:17PM EST

Kellie Pickler is to join the cast of next year's "Dancing With The Stars."

Justin Bieber X Tattoo On Arm; Shows Off Ink After Black Keys Drummer Mocks Pop Star On Twitter

Trending News 02.26.13 | 07:50PM EST

Justin Bieber revealed an 'X' tattoo on Monday night. This symbol is the latest addition to his growing collection of tattoos.

Coast Guard Search Calls Off of Missing Sailboat, Citing Possible Hoax

Trending News 02.26.13 | 07:28PM EST

The US Coast Guard called off the search Tuesday afternoon of the missing capsized sailboat off the coast of Monterey Bay, citing the incident as a hoax.

'Gigantic Jet' Lightning Sighted Over China in 2010; 'First Report From Mainland China'

Trending News 02.26.13 | 07:06PM EST

A rare "gigantic jet" of lightening that occurs above thunderstorm was reportedly to have taken place over eastern China.

Japanese Whalers Collide With Activists Ship…Again

Trending News 02.26.13 | 06:26PM EST

Japanese whaling ships have collided with the animal activist ship The Bob Barker. This is the second time the whalers and the animal rights group Sea Shepard have been involved in an incident like this in the Arctic Ocean.

Apple's iPhone 5S Release Date Slated for June, Analysts Say

Trending News 02.26.13 | 06:24PM EST

The buzz around the rumor mill about Apple's expected iPhone 5s release date has consumers excitedly asking themselves if they can wait until the summer to upgrade their current phones. Apple reportedly hired a new team of engineers to improve security and Siri on the iPhone 5s before they officially announce the release date, however most analysts say we can expect the new, affordable iPhone in June.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy Out of 'Dancing With The Stars' Cast, Heads To Hollywood; Caught The ‘Acting Bug’

Trending News 02.26.13 | 05:19PM EST

Maksim Chmerkovskiy is out of the newly released cast of Dancing With The Stars season 16.

Rihanna Has Restraining Order Against 'Obsessed' Fan, Not Chris Brown

Trending News 02.26.13 | 05:14PM EST

Rihanna gets court ordered restraint against an 'obsessed' fan.

Lindsay Lohan Lying Cops Say: Star Lies To California Police Officers About Being Driver In Accident 'I Wasn't Mirandized!' LiLo Claims [VIDEO]

Trending News 02.26.13 | 05:13PM EST

Lindsay Lohan is being accused of lying to California cops following the June accident on the Pacific Coast Highway where LiLo's Porsche allegedly smashed into a dump truck.

Ace Frehley Home Faces Foreclosure Due to Non-Payment on His Mortgage in Two Years

Trending News 02.26.13 | 04:59PM EST

Ace Frehley the former lead guitarist of metal band KISS, is facing foreclosure on his house as he hasn't paid his mortgage in two years.

TJ Lane: Pleads Guilty For Murdering 3 High School Students

Trending News 02.26.13 | 04:58PM EST

TJ Lane pleaded guilty for killing 3 of his classmates last year. On February 27, 2012 in Ohio TJ Lane walked into his Chardon high school and opened fire. He shot 6 people killing 3 of them and leaving the others injured.

‘Right To Be Stupid’: John Kerry Defends Free Speech To German Students, Reminisces On Childhood In Berlin

Trending News 02.26.13 | 04:44PM EST

Secretary of State John Kerry defended the 'right to be stupid' as a right that all Americans have if they want it to German students in Berlin.

Honey Badger At NFL Combine; Tyrann Matheiu Attempts To Regain Trust He Lost

Trending News 02.26.13 | 04:18PM EST

Honey Badger attempts to impress during the NFL scouting combine. Tyrann Matheiu shows his skills.

Jennifer Lawrence Forgets To Thank Director In Best Actress Oscars Speech, Remembers McDonalds; Dies Hair Black To Shoot New ‘Hunger Games’

Trending News 02.26.13 | 04:18PM EST

Jennifer Lawrence dyes her hair black after winning the Best Leading Actress Oscar for Silver Lining Playbook and forgetting to thank the director and producer of the film in her acceptance speech.

Lisa Traylor-Wolff: An Indiana Judge Accused Of Sex With Clients

Trending News 02.26.13 | 04:16PM EST

Lisa-Taylor Wolff is a lawyer and part time judge from Indiana who is in danger of losing her career after allegations she has been sleeping with clients.

Fan Confesses To Deadly Flare: Brazilian Teenager ‘H.A.M.’ Admits He Set Flare That Killed 14-Year-Old Bolivian Boy

Trending News 02.26.13 | 04:12PM EST

A 17-year-old soccer fan from Brazil confesses to setting a deadly flare on Wednesday during a Copa Libertadores soccer match and killing a 14-year-old Bolivian boy.

Gillian Anderson Pilot To Be Shot For NBC: "X-Files" Star To Play Mother Of Evil Puppeteer Abductee According To Reports, Will She Return To U.S. Television?

Trending News 02.26.13 | 03:34PM EST

Gillian Anderson has signed on to do a pilot for NBC.

Plea in 1957 Child Death Case Reached; Wisconsin Mother Only Faces 45 Days in Jail

Trending News 02.26.13 | 03:12PM EST

A 76-year-old Wisconsin woman reached a plea agreement in the case where she was accused of killing her infant daughter more than a half-century ago.

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