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Flu Shot Failing for Most Seniors, ‘That's Why Early Treatment is so Important’ [REPORT]

Trending News 02.22.13 | 05:36PM EST

The flu shot this year is reported to be less effective of protecting elder seniors, the most vulnerable age group, said officials with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Federal Government Against Lance Armstrong, Joining In The Civil Fraud Case Against Him

Trending News 02.22.13 | 04:56PM EST

Feds join civil fraud case against Lance Armstrong

Chocolate Bar Resume Spells Sweet Success; Job Applicant Gives Interviewer Chocolate Candy Wrapped In Resume, Gets Job

Trending News 02.22.13 | 04:43PM EST

Job searcher Nick Begley of New York used a chocolate bar as his resume, in a gimmick that spelled out sweet success and got the 32-year old a job.

Cleotha Staples Dies: Eldest Staple Singers Siblings Dead at 78

Trending News 02.22.13 | 04:37PM EST

Cleotha Stalples' the eldest sibling of the renowned Chicago and influential gospel group Staple Singers died Thursday at 78.

Microsoft Plans To Unveil Xbox Successor In April

Trending News 02.22.13 | 04:14PM EST

There are reports that Microsoft planning to unveil Xbox successor at an April event.

Addictive Junk Food Causing Dangerous Health Epidemic, Obesity

Trending News 02.22.13 | 04:11PM EST

Addictive junk food is creating the next health emergency in America by leading a growing number of Americans to obesity. Officials warn that addictive junk food is becoming a national problem and health epidemic.

200 Freed From Captivity In Civil War In Syria

Trending News 02.22.13 | 04:09PM EST

Rivals in Syria freed 200 people today.

National Margarita Day, Celebrate with Simple Treat

Trending News 02.22.13 | 03:43PM EST

Today is National Margarita Day. The most popular tequila-based cocktail in America is easy to make.

Jennifer Lopez Twins Enjoy Homemade Birthday Cupcakes, Share Photos On Twitter

Trending News 02.22.13 | 03:36PM EST

Famous singer and actress Jennifer Lopez celebrated her twins' fifth birthday with the homemade cupcakes, which the twins took to their school.

Fishermen Find Sisters On The Side Of The Road; One Sister Saved The Other's Life

Trending News 02.22.13 | 03:35PM EST

Fishermen found two sisters on the side of the road after mother was killed in a vehicle accident.

Kobe Bryant Guarantees The Lakers Make The Playoffs And Are A Factor

Trending News 02.22.13 | 03:27PM EST

Kobe Bryant says Lakers will make the playoffs and be a factor when they get there.

Anonymous Hacked US State Department Hours After Twitter Account Breached, Releases Federal Employees Personal Data

Trending News 02.22.13 | 03:26PM EST

Anonymous hacked the US Department of State hours after experiencing the defacement and hacking of their Twitter account by an unknown rival group.

Texas Execution for Man of Killing Ex-Girlfriend on Fire

Trending News 02.22.13 | 03:03PM EST

Carl Henry Blue was executed in Texas on Thursday for killing his ex-girlfriend by setting her on fire in 1994.

Oscar Pistorius Bail Granted for $113,000 Released Pending Murder Trial

Trending News 02.22.13 | 02:27PM EST

Oscar Pistorius is free on bail Friday as judge decided pending his murder trial of shooting his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine's Day.

Adolf Hitler On Indian Ballot For Election; Hitler Runs Against Frankenstein, Romeo, Kennedy

Trending News 02.22.13 | 02:23PM EST

The name Adolf Hitler appeared on an Indian ballot during an election in the northeast Indian state of Meghalaya.

NBA Star, J.R. Smith Asks High School Girl To 'Lay The Pipe'

Trending News 02.22.13 | 01:16PM EST

J.R. Smith messages high school girl to play the pipe.

Rihanna 25 Birthday Twitter Pics With Chris Brown; Celebrates Birthday By Surpassing Whitney Houston In Top 10 Hits

Trending News 02.22.13 | 12:50PM EST

Rihanna celebrated her 25 birthday on Wednesday in Hawaii with Chris Brown and shared pictures on twitter.

Prince Harry Girlfriend, Cressida Bonas To Introduce Parents At South Africa Wedding

Trending News 02.22.13 | 12:34PM EST

Prince Harry girlfriend Cressida Bonas could become a princess. Harry's girlfriend plans to introduce the prince to her parents next week in South Africa

NBC Falls to Fifth Place, Trailing Behind Univision First Time Ever

Trending News 02.22.13 | 12:06PM EST

The once no. 1 TV network for the first time in sweeps history is projected to finish fifth in rankings for adults age 18 to 49. Currently follows behind Univision as well as the other three major networks.

Drew Peterson Screams His Innocence, “I Did Not Kill Kathleen!”; Cocky Ex-cop Gets 38 Years Despite Plea

Trending News 02.22.13 | 11:57AM EST

Peterson screamed, “I did not kill Kathleen!” into the courtroom microphone during his trial for killing his third wife on Thursday.

Rob Gronkowski $9000 Tab During Super Bowl Party in Las Vegas [PHOTO]

Trending News 02.22.13 | 11:30AM EST

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski proved that he sure knows how to throw a party as he racked up $9,000 tab at a nightclub in Las Vegas.

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