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Google Glass Wants Your Help: Company Rolls Out Twitter Recruiting Campaign, Even Newt Gingrich Answers 'What Would I do #IfIHadGlass? [VIDEO]

Trending News 02.20.13 | 07:59PM EST

Google wants you to ask yourself one question: What would I do #ifIhadglass?

Kellogg's Special K Recall for Possible Glass Fragments [REPORT]

Trending News 02.20.13 | 07:51PM EST

Kellogg announced of their voluntarily recalling of Special K Red Berries cereal because of possible glass fragments inside the packaging.

$50M Heist of Diamonds at Brussels Airport in 5 minutes, 'Virtually Impossible to Trace Stolen Diamonds'

Trending News 02.20.13 | 07:26PM EST

There have been no arrests in the $50 million diamond heist at Brussels' international airport yesterday, when eight gunmen stole 120 packages from the plane's hold without a single gunshot.

New Details Released About Beiber Murder Plot: Recordings Show Shocking Details Of Plan To Kill And Castrate Beiber [VIDEO]

Trending News 02.20.13 | 06:11PM EST

The New Mexico Police released new details and a recording today about the plot to kill pop superstar Justin Beiber

Reeva Steenkamp Family Holds Funeral in Port Elizabeth

Trending News 02.20.13 | 05:57PM EST

Reeva Steenkamp was laid to rest in Port Elizabeth, South Africa Tuesday with more than 100 friends and family.

McCain Faces Angry Crowd: Arizona Town Meeting Heats Up Over Immigration Reform

Trending News 02.20.13 | 05:27PM EST

Senator John McCain (R-Ariz) faces an angry crowd in a video of his town hall meeting in Sun Lakes, Arizona when he explained his immigration reform plan.

Christmas Abbott Joins Crew For Daytona 500: Meet The New Woman Of NASCAR, Unlike Danika Patrick This One's In The Pit

Trending News 02.20.13 | 05:26PM EST

Christmas Abbott, a war veteran and CrossFit competitor, will be working with a pit crew in this weekend's NASCAR Daytona 500 race.

Kate Middleton Attacked by Vivienne Westwood of Her Style

Trending News 02.20.13 | 05:13PM EST

The celeb-beloved fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood criticized the Duchess of Cambridge.

Couple Finds $11,000 in Cash Near Golden Gate Bridge, Returns to Owners

Trending News 02.20.13 | 04:46PM EST

A Vallejo couple visiting San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge on Valentine's Day founded an unattended bag filled with lump of cash.

Kurt Cobain Would Have Been 46 Today: Fans Put Their Favorite Cobain Quotes On Twitter For The Nirvana Frontman's Birthday [VIDEO]

Trending News 02.20.13 | 04:08PM EST

Kurt Cobain would have 46 years old today

Zombie Foreclosures, Former Homeowners Hit With Debts

Trending News 02.20.13 | 04:04PM EST

A new zombie trend is coming back to haunt borrowers, former homeowners, even after they have moved out from their foreclosed homes.

Higgs Boson Particle That Could Doom The Universe To Extinction Discovered By Swiss Scientists: 'You Won't Actually See It' Scientist Says [PHOTO]

Trending News 02.20.13 | 03:15PM EST

Swiss physicists believe they have uncovered the famed Higgs boson particle that could doom the universe to extinction.

New Casino Bankrupt In New Jersey: Atlantic City's Revel Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy After Less Than Two Years On The Boardwalk [PHOTOS]

Trending News 02.20.13 | 02:23PM EST

New Casino Bankrupt In New Jersey

Obama Brain Study: Republicans and Democrats Think Differently? Obama Plans To Map The Human Brain

Trending News 02.20.13 | 02:22PM EST

An Obama Brain Study was released yesterday, finding that neural characteristics and brain activity could accurately predict political ideologies.

Kim K. Pregnancy Shoot: Kardashian Pose for 'Du Jour' Revealing Growing Baby Bump [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

Trending News 02.20.13 | 02:11PM EST

Kim Kardashian revealed a photo through Twitpic from her pregnancy shoot on February 19.

Taylor Swift Sued for Keeping $2.5M From Canceled Canadian Concert

Trending News 02.20.13 | 01:36PM EST

Taylor Swift is involved in a hefty $2.5 million lawsuit for keeping the paycheck for a canceled performance at a large country music concert in Canada.

One Direction To Play At Brit Awards: Can Harry Styles And Taylor Swift Avoid A Nasty Post-Breakup Reunion?

Trending News 02.20.13 | 01:35PM EST

One Direction is scheduled to perform, along with Justin Timberlake and Mumford & Sons, at the Brit Awards on Wednesday night.

Vice President Joe Biden Tells Americans: 'Buy A Shotgun, Buy A Shotgun': VP Offers Double-Barreled Approach To Gun Control [VIDEO]

Trending News 02.20.13 | 01:32PM EST

Vice President Joe Biden Tells Americans: 'Buy A Shotgun

Mario Lopez And Wife Courtney Are Expecting A Daughter And The 'X-Factor' Host's Other Daughter Gia Couldn't Be Happier [PHOTO]

Trending News 02.20.13 | 12:13PM EST

Mario Lopez has announced that he is having his second daughter with wife Courtney.

Chuck E. Cheese Killer Nathan Dunlap's Death Penalty Appeal Rejected By Supreme Court: Will Colorado Perform Its First Execution In Over A Decade? [PHOTO]

Trending News 02.20.13 | 11:48AM EST

On Tuesday, the U. S. Supreme Court declined to hear the death penalty appeal of Nathan Dunlap, the so-called Chuck E. Cheese killer.

Farmer’s Secret Castle Must Be Demolished, Court Says; Farmer Will Appeal Decision All The Way To The Top

Trending News 02.20.13 | 11:35AM EST

A farmer in England who built a secret castle on his property behind bales of straw received an order by the court to demolish his home but plans to take his appeals all the way to the European Court of Human Rights

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