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911 Calls for Cigarettes Leads to Arrest of Texas Woman [VIDEO]

Trending News 02.20.13 | 11:22AM EST

A Texas woman called 911 for cigarettes has led to her arrest.

Girl Catches Fire at Hospital in Oregon, Suffers Third-Degree Burns

Trending News 02.20.13 | 11:18AM EST

An 11-year-old cancer survivor, Ireland Lane who was hospitalized for a head injury, is now receiving treatment for third-degree burns at Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

Nexus 4 Review: Official LG Nexus 4 Wireless Charger Released On Google Play Store

Trending News 02.20.13 | 10:37AM EST

LG and Google released the official Nexus 4 charger on the Google Play Store earlier this month, adding to positive reviews of Nexus 4 and the Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Update

PS4 Release Date In November; Sony Launching Event Today To Reveal Details About Two Consoles, Pricing, Mobile Device Access

Trending News 02.20.13 | 10:24AM EST

Sony will reveal the next generation PS4 gaming console in a launching event today, and new rumors about pricing, the release date and mobile device accessibility have surfaced

Kim Kardashian Quits Reality Show: 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Star Says Boyfriend Kanye West 'Has Taught Me A Lot About Privacy'

Trending News 02.20.13 | 10:07AM EST

Kim Kardashian will quit her reality show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" after next season

Women Hid Boy for 8 Years; Convicted And Face Life In Prison

Trending News 02.19.13 | 11:32PM EST

Two women in East Texas hid a boy for 8 years and were convicted of kidnapping on Tuesday, Feb. 19.

Family of 7 Kidnapped in Cameroon During Vacation, Most Likely by Terrorist Group

Trending News 02.19.13 | 08:22PM EST

A French family of seven, including three adults and four children, has been kidnapped on Tuesday while vacationing in northern Cameroon and officials speculate the involvement of an Islamic extremist sect.

Is 'Toy Story 4' Happening Or Not? Columbian Radio Exec Says Yes, Pixar Brushes Off Rumors [PHOTO]

Trending News 02.19.13 | 06:10PM EST

Could "Toy Story 4" be coming soon to a theater near you?

Courteney Cox Bails Out Matthew Perry's Fledgling Series 'Go On': 'She's Throwing Matt A Hail Mary' A Friend Tells The Enquirer

Trending News 02.19.13 | 05:28PM EST

Courteney Cox will bail out Matthew Perry with a guest-starring role on her former "Friends" co-star's show "Go On," in April.

Dolphin 'Superpod' Sighting in San Diego Coastline, 'Truly Spectacular' [VIDEO]

Trending News 02.19.13 | 05:27PM EST

An enormous pack of over 100,000 dolphins were spotted offering a rare sight to a group of tourists off the coast of San Diego last weekend.

4 Dead in Shooting Spree in Southern California, Unknown Motive

Trending News 02.19.13 | 05:03PM EST

Four are dead and two others injured after a young man went on a spree of carjacking's and random shooting across Orange County on Tuesday.

Prince Michael Jackson Gets His First Job: MJ's Son's First Interviewees Include James Franco, Zach Braff, and Sam Raimi [PHOTO]

Trending News 02.19.13 | 04:37PM EST

Prince Michael Jackson, got a job on Entertainment Tonight as an on-air correspondent.

Jose Canseco Explains Gravity On Twitter: 'Gravity Had To Be Weaker To Make Dinosaurs Nimble' Explains The Former MLB Slugger [PHOTOS]

Trending News 02.19.13 | 04:33PM EST

Jose Canseco baffled his nearly half a million Twitter followers Monday, by explaining his very, ah, original views on gravity

Model: 'I Won Genetic Lottery' Says Victoria Secret Model [VIDEO]

Trending News 02.19.13 | 04:12PM EST

Victoria Secret model Cameron Russell statement delivered during her talk at a TED conference last October.

Google Stocks Breaks $800 Dollar Mark: Does This Justify CEO Larry Page's Existence At The Company?

Trending News 02.19.13 | 03:16PM EST

Google's stock price broke the $800 mark for the first time on Tuesday, Feb. 19, proving that Google still dominates Internet Search.

No Black Nurses Lawsuit in Michigan Hospital, Father Demands White Only Nurses

Trending News 02.19.13 | 03:02PM EST

A Michigan hospital's lawsuit of "no black nurses lawsuit" Monday is causing a uproar.

Nexus 4 Review of Jellybean 4.2.2: New Update Kills Undocumented LTE On The LG Nexus 4, May Soon Come In White [PHOTO]

Trending News 02.19.13 | 02:51PM EST

Nexus 4 reviews are coming in, as Android came out with an update to the Jelly Bean 4.2 operating system on February 15.

Does Xanax Make You A 'Better Mom'? One Florida Mom Says Yes, Tells CNN 'I'm More Flexible, Tolerant, And Rational'

Trending News 02.19.13 | 02:49PM EST

A Florida woman claims the antianxiety medication Xanax has made her a 'better mom.'

J.K. Rowling Named Most Inspiring British Woman: Beats Out Victoria Beckham, Kate Middleton And Even The Queen

Trending News 02.19.13 | 02:08PM EST

J.K. Rowling, the famous author of the Harry Potter book series, topped the Queen and Kate Middleton in a survey to name the Most Inspiring British Woman.

Mindy McCready Shot Dog Before Shooting Herself: Sex Tape With Roger Clemens Will Not Be Released According To Vivid Video [VIDEO]

Trending News 02.19.13 | 02:02PM EST

Mindy McCready shot the dog of her dead husband, record producer David Wilson, before shooting herself

Britney Spears Should Add Clean Pants To Her Grocery List: Singer Shows Her Down-To-Earth Side, Hits Grocery Store In Stained Sweatpants [PHOTOS]

Trending News 02.19.13 | 11:56AM EST

Britney Spears has a grocery list and is checking it twice

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