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Britney Spears Dating; New Guy "David" is A Field Researcher from Atlanta [DETAILS]

Trending News 02.19.13 | 11:32AM EST

Britney Spears is dating a new guy, after ending her engagement to Jason Trawick in January. Spears and her new man, Dave, went out on Valentine's Day.

PS4 Release Date; Preview of Specs and Price Rumors

Trending News 02.19.13 | 10:34AM EST

The PS4 release date will likely be announced tomorrow, Feb. 20, at Sony's official event. In addition the release date, Sony will also reveal information about the PS4, possibly including specs and the starting price.

Khloe Kardashian Fired From Fox's 'X Factor', Mario Lopez Will Stay On For Another Season: Was Khloe In Over Her Head? [VIDEO]

Trending News 02.19.13 | 10:12AM EST

Khloe Kardashian has been fired from her job as a host on the Fox singing competition "The X Factor."

Mindy McCready Shot Dog Before Apparent Suicide, 'No Surprise, Although Shocking'

Trending News 02.18.13 | 05:29PM EST

Country singer Mindy McCready earlier this month threatened to kill herself after losing custody of her sons and yet was allowed to leave a court-ordered rehabilitation program

Lindsey Vonn Leg Photo Reveals Post- Surgery Bruises From Skiing Injury [PHOTOS]

Trending News 02.18.13 | 05:11PM EST

Lindsey Vonn shared a photo update on Facebook not long after undergoing reconstructive knee surgery this past Sunday.

68 Pythons Found & Killed in Florida Everglades During 'Python Challenge' [VIDEO]

Trending News 02.18.13 | 04:16PM EST

A month long "Python Challenge" in the Florida Everglades attracting over nearly 1,600 hunters from 38 states have discovered over 68 pythons.

Khole Kardashian Fired from 'X Factor,' Why? 'As a Viewer, Made Me Almost Uncomfortable'

Trending News 02.18.13 | 03:43PM EST

Khole Kardashian has been reportedly fired from "The X Factor" as co-presenter Mario Lopez was asked to return next season but not her.

Titanic Violin If Proven as Authentic, to be Auctioned for Record Price

Trending News 02.18.13 | 03:14PM EST

The violin that was played during the ill-fated voyage of the Titanic is to be auction in April in London, if the instrument is proven authentic.

Moon Passing Jupiter: When To Watch The Night Sky To See The Moon Approach Jupiter [PHOTO]

Trending News 02.17.13 | 04:06PM EST

The moon will pass Jupiter tonight, coming less than 450 million miles from earth

Hemp Bill Passes in Kentucky Senate: Farmers Would Be Able To Grow Industrial Hemp If Federal Ban Is Lifted

Trending News 02.17.13 | 01:55PM EST

A hemp bill has passed the state Senate in Kentucky.

Vonn and Tiger Relationship Getting Serious

Trending News 02.14.13 | 05:08PM EST

Tiger Woods and skier Lindsay Vonn relationship is once again making headlines following last week report of Vonn being "airlifted" by Wood's private jet after her knee injury in Austria.

Broken Heart Syndrome Is Real: Doctors Say It Is Possible To Die Of A Broken Heart

Trending News 02.14.13 | 03:40PM EST

Broken Heart Syndrome is the name for a sudden heart failure brought on by emotional trauma.

14-Year-Old Schoolgirl Sends Facebook Messages While Being Raped: 'Help...Raping Me' She Writes To Sister [PHOTO]

Trending News 02.14.13 | 01:14PM EST

14-Year-Old Schoolgirl Sends Facebook Messages While Being Raped

Psy Postage Stamp On The Way: Singer Celebrates "Gangnam Style" Surpassing 1.3 Billion YouTube Views With Stamp In South Korea [PHOTO]

Trending News 02.14.13 | 11:22AM EST

Psy Postage Stamp On The Way

'Newborn' 13-year-old Photo Shoot: Boy's Adopted Parents Take Baby Photos Of Their Teenage Son [PHOTO]

Trending News 02.14.13 | 10:03AM EST

A photo shoot of a "newborn" 13-year-old boy has received over 10,000 likes on Facebook.

Fake Stealth Plane Iran's Desperate Attempt To Show Military Might: Iran's Stealth Plane Is Plastic Photoshop Fake Tech Bloggers Say [VIDEO]

Trending News 02.13.13 | 05:34PM EST

Photos of a fake stealth plane have surfaced from Iran, in an apparent attempt to show military might.

Gun Control Provokes President's Most Poignant Moment In State of the Union: 'The Families of Newtown Deserve a Vote' Obama Says [VIDEO]

Trending News 02.12.13 | 10:38PM EST

President Barack Obama made an impassioned case for gun control in Tuesday's State of the Union Address.

Man Dies On Flight To Salt Lake City: Passengers Spend 30 Minutes Trying To Resuscitate Him

Trending News 02.12.13 | 05:37PM EST

A man died on a flight from Denver to Salt Lake City on Sunday after passengers spent more than 30 minutes attempting to resuscitate him.

Long Island Mall Evacuated: Rainstorm After Nemo's Three Feet of Snow Causes Near Roof Collapse

Trending News 02.12.13 | 04:36PM EST

A Long Island mall was evacuated Monday after a rainstorm following three feet of snow from Winter Storm Nemo caused major roof damage, police told The Wall Street Journal.

'Age of Wushu' Makers Announce Major Overhaul of Videogame: Upgrade Pushes Back Wushu's Planned February Release [LINK]

Trending News 02.12.13 | 02:51PM EST

The makers of the North American version of the videogame "Age of Wushu" have announced a major overhaul of the game's localization and UI.

Minecraft is Released For Free on $35 Pocket-Sized Raspberry Pi Mini PC: [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Trending News 02.12.13 | 10:20AM EST

Minecraft, the popular videogame that allows users to learn basic programming through the ability to alter the game's code has been released as a free download for the $35 Raspberry Pi mini computer.

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