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Arizona Woman On Trial For Killing Her Boyfriend Says He Forced Himself On Her While She Was Sleeping: Watch the Trial Live [Livstream]

Trending News 02.11.13 | 05:34PM EST

Arizona Woman On Trial For Killing Her Boyfriend Says He Forced Himself On Her While She Was Sleeping

Lolong dies: World's Largest Crocodile is Dead, Called An 'Ambassador' For Croc Conservation by Philippines Government Official [VIDEO]

Trending News 02.11.13 | 02:41PM EST

Sunday night, authorities in the Davao Crocodile Park on the Philippine island of Mindanao confirmed that Lolong--the world's largest living crocodile in captivity--had died.

U-Turn Fiasco: Driver in Naples Attempts U-Turn in Fiat [VIDEO]

Trending News 02.11.13 | 01:32PM EST

There is at least one good thing to come out of this video of a U-Turn fiasco-a Fiat 500 driver in Naples, Italy attempting a U-turn on a narrow and crowded street--the internet may have just found its new favorite idiot.

Three Killed in Reality Show Crash: Helicopter Crashes Into Remote Canyon Near L.A. While Filming Show For Discovery Network [VIDEO]

Trending News 02.11.13 | 12:38PM EST

Three people were killed early Sunday morning in northern Los Angeles when their helicopter crashed in the remote Polsa Rosa Ranch near Soledad Canyon Road in Acton.

Grammy Ban Prompt Twitter Mockery: Tweets Riff On CBS Grammy Ban on 'Buttocks and Female Breasts'

Trending News 02.08.13 | 04:09PM EST

CBS has a simple request for the performers and presenters at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards: no buttocks and no female breasts.

Facebook Takes Over Internet: Online Bug Shuts Down Internet For Facebook Users

Trending News 02.08.13 | 03:00PM EST

In the last decade, no one would argue that Facebook has taken over the internet, however what does that mean if there is a glitch in Facebook's system? That was exactly what happened on Thursday when a glitch briefly brought down websites for CNN, the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Slate, BuzzFeed, Gawker and Kickstarter, among others, according to Buzzfeed.

Mom and Son in Drug Kiss: Mother Passes Drugs to Son Through Her Mouth in New York Jail

Trending News 02.08.13 | 09:54AM EST

A mother and son engaged in a drug kiss last week in an upstate New York jail-that is to say the mother transferred two Oxycodone pills to her son orally through a French kiss.

Is Disney's White Rabbit Racist? Disneyland Employee Snubs Black Children, Embraces whites

Trending News 02.07.13 | 05:13PM EST

Seeking the dismissal of the employee portraying the character and a public apology for their experience at the theme park, the family is calling on Disneyland to admit that the actor portraying the Disney rabbit at its San Diego location is racist.

666 Stamped W-2 Causes Tennessee Man to Quit Job, says 'God is worth more than money'

Trending News 02.07.13 | 04:29PM EST

A 666-stamped W-2 tax form has caused Tennessee maintenance worker Walter Slonopas to quit his job.

1978 Blizzard Conditions Could Be Seen Again As Potentially Record Breaking Snowstorm Heads Towards Northeast

Trending News 02.07.13 | 03:42PM EST

1978 Blizzard conditions could return again to the Northeast this weekend, according to the National Weather Service.

Search For Ex-Cop in L.A. Shootings Extended Statewide into Nevada: 1 Cop Killed, 2 Wounded by Rogue Former Officer

Trending News 02.07.13 | 03:00PM EST

The search for Christopher Jordan Dorner--the ex-cop wanted for a series of recent L.A. shootings that killed three and injured two police officers--has extended statewide into Nevada.

Strippers Granted Unemployment in Kansas: ‘Strip Club Workers Are Employees' Rules State Supreme Court

Trending News 02.07.13 | 01:28PM EST

Unemployed strippers across Kansas are sitting pretty today after a state Supreme Court ruling has determined strip club workers are eligible for unemployment benefits as employees.

9-year-old Gives Birth in Mexico: Police Hunt For 17-year-old Father

Trending News 02.07.13 | 11:27AM EST

A 9-year-old girl has given birth to a baby girl in Jalisco state, Mexico.

Prison Guard Nancy Gonzalez Pregnant With Inmate's Child, Faces Charges

Trending News 02.06.13 | 05:21PM EST

Most people don't view solitary confinement as the best place to meet the future mother of your children, but that is allegedly what happened when 29-year-old prison guard Nancy Gonzalez met convicted cop killer Ronnell Wilson at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Florida Man Charged With Walk-Mart Shopping Cart DUI

Trending News 02.06.13 | 01:09PM EST

Police in Brooksville, Florida arrested a man at Wal-Mart on Sunday night for what is being called a shopping cart DUI.

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