Eric Nam x Somi You, Who?

Eric Nam News and Updates: Eric Nam x Somi's 'Who, You?' MV Makes You Want To Fall In Love In The Springtime

Headlines 03.10.17 | 07:26AM EST

The retro vibe of Eric Nam and Somi's MV for their collaboration for "You, Who?" provided the perfect backdrop to their flawless harmony and chemistry. Eric Nam announces comeback album "Interview" will release March 24.

Mamamoo Make Fun Of Each Other's Height In Music Video For

Mamamoo Joke About Their Height In Music Video For 'Pride Of 1cm (Taller Than You)'

Headlines 02.11.16 | 12:01PM EST

It is the third pre-release single off the group's upcoming first album.

Enlisted Jaejoong Readies Fans For 2nd Solo Album With Pre-Release Track

Enlisted Jaejoong Readies Fans For 2nd Solo Album With Pre-Release Birthday Track

Headlines 01.23.16 | 07:33PM EST

The song is meant to be a gift to fans who have supported Jaejoong while he completes his military service.

How Long Can You Stand Puppy Kisses?

How Long Can You Stand Puppy Kisses?

Trendz 09.14.14 | 02:17PM EDT

Cute or gross? You decide.Roxy is a small terrier puppy. She loves people. When she starts licking peoples faces, she will. Not. Stop. Watch as we put our co-workers up to the challenged and dared them to see how long they can stand puppy kisses.

I'll miss you daddy - Father Daughter moment

I'll miss you daddy- Father Daughter moment

Trendz 09.11.14 | 11:46AM EDT

Goodbyes stink....especially when they hurt my babies. Daddy had to leave for a 6 week TDY with the Air Force. I love when she told him at the end "Don't let any beasts eat you."

MC the Max Has Perfectly Successful Comeback

MC the Max Has Perfectly Successful Comeback

Headlines 01.10.14 | 05:57PM EST

MC the Max's "Wind that Blows" took the number 1 spot on Gaon Charts in 2 different categories, including the Digital Comprehencive Chart and Download Chart for January.

honey g

Korean Trio Group, Honey-G Release Unique Animated MV Teaser, Entertaining

Hot Issues 08.20.13 | 02:40AM EDT

Cute animated short MV of Honey-G's 'You' releases

VIDEO: K. WIll "I Need You"

Headlines 02.24.12 | 12:36PM EST

Be the first to check out this amazing new video from K. Will!


WANTED releases a new single featured by IU

Headlines 01.08.12 | 11:12PM EST

Group WANTED is making their comback with 3rd album 'Vintage', after five years of no activities.


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