Dec 05, 2011 | 10:13 AM EST

JaeSuk Yoo's Reply, Myungsoo Park's Reply Comparison

The Comparison between Jaesuk Yoo and Myungsoo Park has taken the interest of many.

Last December 3rd, on MBC's FM4U 'It's Midnight's Song of Hope Sweet Sorrow", Junha Jung texted both Jaesuk Yoo and Myungsoo Park asking 'What do I mean to you?" Afterwards, he disclosed the responses to the public.

Jaesuk Yoo replied saying "You are a one-year-older brother who is nice and slightly lacking but unmarried", while Myungsoo Park replied by asking, "You're crazy and are you going to buy the car or not?"

Both their responses represented their characters on MBC TV's 'Unlimited Trials'. Those who read about the responses that Jaesuk Yoo and Myungsoo Park stated, "It is as though I am watching 'Unlimited Challenge!", "Mr. Junha Jung, you need to buy that car quickly!", and "I can imagine how Myungsoo Park's life is!"

Photo Credits: MBC

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