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M.O.N.T. Heads to the U.S. Asking 'Will You Be My Mint?' with a Tour

From the mountains of Ganghwa-do to stages worldwide – M.O.N.T heads to the United States on their 2019 M.O.N.T US ...

BTS new book 'Note 1' is on presale now

BTS will be releasing their first book, "The Note 1" on March 5th, 2019 and it available in English, Japanese and ...

GOT7's JB featured in MV teaser for 'A Day Before Us ZERO' OST

A Day Before Us is an animated korean drama of a special and sweet love story of the following four main characters; Yeo ...

GFRIEND Sunrise is hitting the Charts

GFRIEND is Back and is hitting the charts with their new song Sunshine. Since the release on January 14, 2019, Sunrise ...

Seungyeon released teaser on new upcoming Japanese mini album 'Blue Sky'

Seungyeon, Former Kara member is back in the music arena with a new released teaser for her upcoming Japanese mini album ...

Justin Park Makes His Mark with Debut Album 'Places Like Home'

The Korean-American artist, hailing for Los Angeles, released his first studio album earlier this December.

Red Velvet to Power Up the USA With Their Upcoming 'REDMARE' Concert Tour

If Red Velvet's first fanmeet in Chicago this past April was the appetizer, this full length solo concert tour in 2019 ...

MXM to Embark On Their First Meet & Live US Tour in 2019

MXM to Embark On Their First Meet & Live US Tour in 2019

MTV Asia Rides The Hallyu Wave By Premiering ‘The Show’ For The First Time In Southeast Asia

MTV Asia Rides The Hallyu Wave By Premiering ‘The Show’ For The First Time In Southeast Asia

Live Simulcast From South Korea, Exclusively On MTV Asia
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Trolling gone viral with Jimin Pictures

A girl who goes by Milky, trolled her dad after he claims he wants a break with BTS and Jimin. So she decided to give him a surprised. While the dad was away on a business trip, she place Jimin Pictures everywhere in the house.

Subin Talks Music, Inspirations, Her Desire to Write for TWICE and More! [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Subin of Dal Shabet has moved on to be a soloist and talks to us about her music, aspirations, inspirations and more in ...

Twice, "December Special Album Release, Gift for Fans"

On November 26th, an official of Twice's agency JYP Entertainment said, "Twice will release a new album and we will tell ...

Black Pink ' DDU-DU DDU-DU’ MV Topped 500 Million Views

Black Pink's "DDU-DU DDU-DU" music video surpassed the 500 million view for the first time in five months, and the K-pop ...

Super Junior, 'One More Time' released in Japan

Group Super Junior will release a new single "One More Time" in Japan on October 28. The Japanese version of "One More ...

SHINee Taemin Tops Oricon For the First Time

The group 'SHINee’ member Taemin (25) confirmed his position as a soloist in Japan.

SHINee Onew, the first solo album at Dec 5... "Last present before enlistment"

SHINee’ Onew’s first mini-album 'VOICE' will be released on December 5th.

Monsta X, Time Square Wall Decoration "Thanks to Fans All Over the World "

Monsta X appeared on the New York Times Square outdoor signboard at ...

iKon, Hong Kong Concert Ends Successfully

iKon finished last Asia tour in Hong Kong.

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f(x) Victoria, 'eye-catching pictures'

Group f (x), Victoria decorated Chinese fashion covers.


BTS Touching Documentary Trailer

A documentary that shows the growth process of the BTS is released through YouTube.

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