Subin Interview for KpopStarz

Subin Talks Music, Inspirations, Her Desire to Write for TWICE and More! [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Interviews 12.04.18 | 10:41AM EST

Subin of Dal Shabet has moved on to be a soloist and talks to us about her music, aspirations, inspirations and more in this exclusive interview.

ASTRO Defines 'Crazy, Sexy, Cool' on K-EXPO 2018 Red Carpet & Performance Stage - September 30, 2018 [PHOTOS]

ASTRO Talks Pranks, Wishes for the Rest of 2018 and More at K-EXPO 2018 [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Interviews 10.29.18 | 10:34PM EDT

ASTRO sits down with KpopStarz for a curated interview based on their songs.

Kim Myungsoo Shows Off Charms on K-Expo Red Carpet & Performance Stage

Kim Myungsoo Opens Up About Career, L and Future Projects [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Interviews 10.29.18 | 10:32PM EDT

We catch up with Kim Myungsoo at K-EXPO 2018 to talk about music, L and his future projects.

The Rose Stunts on the K-EXPO 2018 Red Carpet and Performance Stage - September 30, 2018 [PHOTOS]

The Rose Talks Childhood Memories, Viral Dance Moves and More at K-EXPO 2018 [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Interviews 10.23.18 | 08:55PM EDT

Inspired by the titles of their songs and mini album, we’ve curated questions to get to know The Rose a little bit better.

A.C.E. Graces K-Expo 2018 Stage

A.C.E Talks Adventures, Emotions and More at K-EXPO 2018 [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Interviews 10.11.18 | 11:31AM EDT

Big smiles and positive energy radiated throughout the room as they sat with us, donned in bold graphics and dynamic reds that perfectly matched their personalities.


Exclusive Interview With BTS Album Composer Melanie Fontana

Interviews 09.09.18 | 08:37PM EDT

Exclusive Interview With BTS Album Composer Melanie Fontana

UP10TION KpopStarz Exclusive (Interview)

UP10TION Talks Touring, Summer Musts and More in a Speed Q&A (INTERVIEW)

Interviews 07.30.18 | 02:07AM EDT

Get to know a bit more about UP10TION in this speed Q&A!


Grazy Grace Gets Even Crazier In Our Exclusive Interview

Interviews 05.19.18 | 05:25PM EDT

Crazy Grace Gets Even Crazier In Our Exclusive Interview

Jung Seung-hwan

Jung Seung-hwan, "IU is real star"

Interviews 02.19.18 | 04:43PM EST

Singer Jung Seung-hwan is mentioned IU participated in song 'Snowman' IU took part for the "Snowman" lyrics. He said "Thank her to accept the help request. It was grateful. IU has been busy situations. In situations where she were not able to come, she gave detailed instructions with text. I felt she is real star, and she is a very meticulous person"


2NE1's Minzy Still Not Used To Promoting Solo, Admits Feeling 'Lonely' at Times

Interviews 06.26.17 | 11:52AM EDT

2NE1's Gong Minzy admits feeling "lonely" promoting solo on interview with Star Magazine.

Jia of miss A

Jia Opened Up Her True Feelings About miss A & J.Y. Park

Interviews 06.08.17 | 10:46AM EDT

Jia wasn't always in a good term with her former producer at JYP Entertainment. The former miss A member often expressed her desire to quit because of her rough relationship with J.Y. Park.

Henry Lau

Henry Admits Falling For Roy Kim's Older Sister On 'Happy Together'

Interviews 05.22.17 | 11:49AM EDT

Super Junior's Henry Lau admitted having fallen for Roy Kim's older sister on recent "Happy Together" episode.

Sooyoung revealed her diet secret in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

Sooyoung Revealed Her Diet Secret In An Interview With Cosmopolitan

Interviews 05.21.17 | 05:23PM EDT

Soyoung had a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan June issue. In an interview, she revealed her diet secret. Check it out!


Psy Confesses of Being 'Conceited' After 'Gangnam Style' Success

Interviews 05.18.17 | 10:39AM EDT

Psy admitted how became cocky after the massive success of "Gangnam Style" during "Radio Star" interview.

SBS ‘K-Pop Star 6’ Contestant Shannon Prefers YG Entertainment Over Her Current Label

SBS ‘K-Pop Star 6’ Contestant Shannon Prefers YG Entertainment Over Her Current Label

Interviews 05.17.17 | 11:20AM EDT

Shannon expressed her thoughts about her life as a singer after "K-Pop Star 6". The singer admitted she was a bit greedy about his ambition to go solo.

Youngji talked about her future career plan in an interview with Internationl bnt.

Youngji Talked About Her Career Plan In An Interview With International bnt

Interviews 05.16.17 | 01:08PM EDT

Youngji just had a photo shoot for International bnt. In an interview, she talked about her career plan.


IU Shares Her Thoughts On 'Palette' Success In A Recent 'Picnic Live' Episode

Interviews 05.12.17 | 01:09PM EDT

IU shared her personal thoughts and feelings regarding the success of her 4th album "Palette" on MBC Music's "Picnic Live" episode.

Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung

Lee Sung Kyung, Nam Joo Hyuk Dating: ‘Cheese In The Trap’ Star Reveals How Love Sparks Between Her & Nam Joo Hyuk

Interviews 05.08.17 | 08:24AM EDT

Lee Sung Kyung finally talks about her dating life with Nam Joo Hyuk weeks after the couple announced their relationship to the public.

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, Jung Kyung Ho Dating

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, Jung Kyung Ho Dating: ‘Gangster High’ Actor Reveals He Almost Lost Sooyoung For This Reason

Interviews 05.01.17 | 07:12PM EDT

Jung Kyung Ho opens up about how he maintains a long relationship with Sooyoung in an interview with Woman Sense Magazine.

HyunA On Her Sexy Image

HyunA Feels Comfortable With Her Sexy Image

Interviews 04.27.17 | 05:56AM EDT

Hyuna opens up about exposing skin and sexy image on a new variety show "Triple H Detective Agency".

Lee Min Ho Military Enlistment

Lee Min Ho Military Enlistement: ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Actor Feels Grateful For Being Enlisted In His Late 20s

Interviews 04.24.17 | 06:09AM EDT

Lee Min Ho wouldn’t be playing as Goo Jun Pyo on “Boys Over Flowers” had he enlisted earlier. The actor reveals how grateful he is to postpone his military enlistment.

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