Oct 11, 2016 | 05:59 AM EDT

Album Review: Pentagon Debut Album - Pentagon

Pentagon is a new boy group form Cube and they have a self titled debut album.

Wake Up (intro) - in my opinion, this song would have been a great title track too. It has the elements of a title track song. They should have made it longer.

Pentagon - my personal favourite. I like ballad-ish song with a beat. I really like the beat. The member who sings during the chorus sounds like BtoB's Changsub and Eunkwang combined. He sounds like Changsub when just singing and Eunkwang when doing high notes. It also sounds like he is singing the whole song except for the rap part and the ending part. I would love to hear an acoustic or acapella version of this.

Gorilla - (title track) the beat is really addicting. The part where "the Gorilla" is repeatedly said is really catchy. I am not a fan of small voices or voices that sounds like it came from some small kid, so the rapper with the small voice is ruining it for me. However, the main singer's voice is really good .I love his voice.

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Lukewarm - I like this type of songs. It has this chill vibe but also upbeat. Again, the rapper with the small voice, he kinda ruined it again. However, the other rapper, the one with the deep voice, I like his rapping voice. The one who sang after him, I also love his voice. The song is really good. It is the type of song I want to listen to when I travel or when I drink with friends.

Smile - another great track. This one is more chill than "Lukewarm". The one you listen to when it's a Sunday afternoon and you are doing nothing. Just chilling inside your house or maybe cleaning the house and you want some music. It's the type of song where you will ike in a first listen, at least for me. The rapper with the small voice did not sound as annoying as with the other songs. I guess it suited his voice.

Organic Song - I like finger snapping. Whatever song it is, as long as there is a finger snapping, that will b a plus for me. The beat is really good. This one is more on the sexy side. Slow and more RnB-ish than the previous songs. The bridge part is eargasmic! Those falsetto and his high notes! This song is the type of song you'll listen to when you are with your special someone and you two are in the mood for some sexy time. J

You Are - A ballad! Like a legit ballad. I love ballads! This song is really good. Their vocalists have really nice voices. They kind off remind me of BtoB because BtoB = ballad. As expected from Cube. This song made me love this album.

I am not really familiar with Pentagon (yet) but I did like their album. Songs are great as expected of Cube. I hope Cube will do them justice. I'll give this debut album 4.2 out of 5. If someone knows the name of the member with the great voice, the one who sings most of the time, please let me know. He is officially my bias!

If you haven't listen to the album yet, here it is!

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