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Drama Review Corner ‘Legend Of The Blue Sea’ Episode 5 And 6

Last episode: In the present, newly named, Shim Chung opens the door to Dae Young dressed as a police officer. While in the past, Dam Ryung comes to the rescue of Se Hwa.

Episode 5 returns to the past as Dam Ryung successful defeats the evil men sent to hurt Se Hwa. Making their escape Se Hwa looks curiously at a flower and Dam Ryung sadly reveals that it's meaning is memories. They travel back hand in hand. Meanwhile, a spy for the evil Mr. Yang reports back that Se Hwa was unharmed but the plans are already put forward to make the mermaid seem evil. A villager approaches Mr. Yang in an argument which ends with the villager threatening to reveal the plans Mr. Yang has set. The next day, villagers on the beach discover the villager dead. Dam Ryung and everyone approaches Mr. Yang who then tries to put into everyone's head that it's the work of the mermaid. However, Dam Ryung is quick to dispute it. Meanwhile, Mr. Yang's concubine gets into Dam Ryung's house in search of Se Hwa. Se Hwa meanwhile looks on at a vase which is the painting of present day Shim Chung, in mermaid form, and Joon Jae. She remembers the night before when Dam Ryung revealed he painted it after a dream he had of the present.

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As Dam Ryung travels by horseback to get back to Se Hwa, the present comes back as Dae Young approaches the house. Before Shim Chung can say anything, Joon Jae knocks over the police set up in order to get to her. He gets there in time to force Dae Young to run off before the real police come. The police question why Joon Jae rushed through their barriers and he makes up a story on how he needed to get home to get to his girlfriend. He gives them a fake ID that correlates with the address as a detective approaches and eyes Joon Jae suspiciously. But he is thrown off when a phone call comes in with a tip on the whereabouts of Dae Young. Which, as it turns out, was called in by Nam Doo. When the ID checks out, Joon Jae makes sure to leave right away. Inside, Shim Chung notices a cut on Joon Jae's hand but he snatches it away and he tells her off for answering the door to a stranger. She persists that Joon Jae should take care of his hand but he tells her off again about taking care of herself first. As they move to the living room, Shim Chung inquires about the drama she watched earlier. Joon Jae pretends to call the actors but calls Nam Doo instead. He pretends to know what happened in the drama but won't tell Shim Chung until she tells him what happened in Spain. She concludes that she can wait another week instead. But, Joon Jae is adamant that if she doesn't tell him, she has to move out the next day.

Meanwhile, Dae Young calls Joon Jae's stepmother, Joon Ji. Her son, Chi Hyun overhears that she's getting Joon Jae's address and interrupts. He asks for a some food and she happily obliges going off to the kitchen but leaving her phone. When she gets a text message, Chi Hyun looks at it and gets Joon Jae's address. He goes off to see his mother in the kitchen and 'accidentally' drops her phone in water making the phone unusable, thus erasing the text message.

Back at Joon Jae's home, a sneaky Shim Chung scares Joon Jae acting out scenes from 'The Ring'. Realizing that Nam Doo and Taeho are out for the night, she tries to convince Joon Jae to let her sleep in his bed. As she climbs down, Joon Jae threatens to kick her out right then instead of the next day.

After a night's sleep, Sia comes for a visit but the gate is opened by Shim Chung who is less than friendly. As Sia tries to chew Shim Chung out, she literally chews on Sia. Joon Jae comes home and is obviously upset at both parties. Sia plays the cute card but gets kicked out none the less but not before Joon Jae reveals that Shim Chung has information that he desperately needs. Joon Jae then walks Sia out and gets her a taxi. She tries engaging him in conversation but he blows her off quickly and leaves before she can show him the picture of the notorious vase. Meanwhile, in the house, Shim Chung gets an idea while watching a drama to reveal her feelings for Joon Jae during the first snow fall. She quickly escapes to her room when she hears Joon Jae come in and is only lured out buy the smell of barbecue. As they eat, Joon Jae gives her a cellphone and shows her how she can call him, but makes sure she knows it's only for when she wants to reveal what happened in Spain. Shim Chung also manages to convince Joon Jae to meet her during the first snow at a tower, despite Joon Jae's protests. As she leaves, Joon Jae reveals he had a tracking app for her to make sure she doesn't get into trouble. As Shim Chung makes her way downtown she stops to talk to some fishes reassuring herself of her feelings. At the house, Nam Doo and Taeho attempt to bring Shim Chung back by making Joon Jae feel pity. However, their tricks don't work. Once alone, Joon Jae checks the app and realizes that Shim Chung is closer than he expected and rushes out.

Meanwhile, Sung Ryung is annoyed by Yoo Ran and kicks her out making sure that she dumps her clothes in the bin first. While Yoo Ran is out, Joon Ji pays a visit and thanks Sung Ryung for the meal, and makes sure that she gets more. As Joon Ji leaves, Yoo Ran comes back and Sung Ryung comes rushing out making it seem to Yoo Ran that she misspoke and so Yoo Ran is rehired.

At the clothes bin, Shim Chung reunites with her beggar friend. When Shim Chung inquires about getting money, her friend helps her out by setting her up to hand out flyers. Joon Jae meanwhile watches on as Shim Chung attempts to hand out as many flyers as possible. When her boss scolds her, Joon Jae makes a call and the boss' car is towed. A bunch of students come up to Shim Chung and beg for flyers which is then revealed that Joon Jae paid them for getting the flyers. A women then approaches a hungry Shin Chung and giver her food and scarf which again was paid by Joon Jae. When a man approaches asking for Shim Chung's number, Joon Jae calls and tells her to never give her number away. She then questions where he is and he tries to play it off as if he's far away, but is quickly revealed. He covers up by saying that Seoul is a lot a smaller than people think and people tend to run into each other. Before he departs Joon Jae whispers that she's making money to give to him and continues to pass out flyers.

Chi Hyun, meanwhile, talks with his father about possibly contacting Joon Jae, but his father brushes it off.

As Shim Chung is passing out flyers, it begins to rain heavily and she runs to shelter. She and Joon Jae watches as the rain turns to snow. Shim Chung is approached once again by the little girl who helped her, Yoona, who also helps her get to the tower. Joon Jae, realizing that Shim Chung is getting there faster than he thought, rushes to the tower. Chi Hyun follows behind curious about his step brother. As the episode closes Joon Jae enters to the tower while Shim Chung is hit by a car. Joon Jae waits at the tower for Shim Chung as it's revealed that Chi Hyun is the one who hit her.

In the epilogue for episode 5, a captured Se Hwa begs a child for help using telepathy. Mirroring into the present, Yoona informs her mother that Shim Chung is hurt and points to the tower.

Episode 6 begins in the past. Se Hwa has an encounter with a strange man who helps her escape, while Mr. Yang's concubine comes too late and curses them out. The man brings Se Hwa to a cave and informs her that he's a friend of Dam Ryung. As he exits the cave, the friend is chased by Mr. Yang's men. The chase ends when the friend falls from a cliff to his doom. Meanwhile, Dam Ryung comes home to find Se Hwa missing. He rushes to find her but his fire burns out, mixing past with present Dam Ryung and Jae Joon both worry about their mermaid.

Shim Cheong is rushed to the ER with Chi Hyun in tow. After getting her settled, Shim Cheong remains in a coma while the doctors try to figure out her ID, but her cell phone is no where to be found.

At the tower, Joon Jae leaves but stops his car when he discovers the flyers that Shim Cheong had been handing out earlier. Among the flyers is Shim Cheong's cell phone and Joon Jae realizes something is terribly wrong. Getting back in his car, Joon Jae tries to get information on where Shim Cheong could've been taken but gets no where.

Meanwhile, Chief Nam, assistant to Joon Jae's father, gets a black tie from Joon Ji because Gil Joon is going to mourn for a friend. The house happens to be next to the hospital the Shim Chung is staying at, and Joon Jae has finally found her. Joon Jae gets to Shim Chung's bedside only to discover her temperature is far colder than average. The doctor perform CPR as Shim Chung dreams of her life as Se Hwa with Dam Ryung. As her heart monitor flat lines, Joon Jae holds onto the hand of Shim Chung upset. Shim Chung however opens her eyes and says Joon Jae's name alerting him and the doctors as her heart monitor picks up again. Joon Jae asks if she's okay, to which Shim Chung simply replies that she had a dream.

Back at the house, Nam Doo and Taeho laze around until a call comes in from Joon Jae requesting them to make an ID with insurance. They outright refuse, until Joon Jae tells them that Shim Chung had and accident and was rushed to the hospital. They then quickly change their minds.

At the hospital, a happy Shim Chung is chastised by Joon Jae for not looking where she was going but she is happy enough that Joon Jae had admitted that he was worried about her. Nam Doo and Taeho arrive shortly with Taeho glaring at Joon Jae, Nam Doo yells at Joon Jae for scolding Shim Chung but becomes soft as he talks to her. Joon Jae quickly push them out and Nam Doo gives the nurse the ID with the insurance card. While doing so, he overhears the doctors exclaim the shock of Shim Chung being alive after her ordeal.

While Chi Hyun talks to the police who let him off easy, Joon Jae confronts him. Chi Hyun says something about the accident that triggers a memory in Joon Jae. The memory is of him as a young man looking at a broken picture frame of his original family. Chi Hyun claims it was an accident, why Gil Joon takes the side of Chi Hyun. Even though Joon Jae gives evidence that it was smashed rather than an accident, Gil Joon continues to take Chi Hyun's side. After Gil Joon exits, Chi Hyun gives a sly smile which angers Joon Jae who punches him in the face. The resulting fight ends as Gil Joo scolds Joon Jae with a slap and looks on at Chi Hyun's injuries. Gil Joo takes Chi Hyun to the hospital as a crying Joon Jae is left with his own wounds. The present Joon Jae scoffs at Chi Hyun and inquires about the tracker that was sent on him earlier, first accusing Chi Hyun then accusing Joon Ji. Chi Hyun brushes this off saying why would his mother ever want to know of his location. Joon Jae gets angered and goes off on how Chi Hyun will never be Gil Joon's real son, and soon it'll come to light that he never truly cared for Chi Hyun. With that, Joon Jae stomps off but is stopped when Chi Hyun picks up his phone and answers to his dad. Outside Joon Jae watches as his father and Chi Hyun get into a car. And Chief Nam catches Joon Jae's eye.

In the hospital, Shim Chung is moved from the ER to a communal hospital room. Upon realizing that she'll be "living" there, she remembers what Sia had said about marriage and living together and claims that everyone is married making, Nam Doo and Taeho feel awkward. She talks about marrying Joon Jae as well, which prompts the doctors to schedule an MRI and Taeho to leave, but he utters that she's cute once outside the room. Later on, it's dinner time and Shim Chung happily comments on everyone's meals until realizing she's not getting her own because the doctors are worried about having to do surgery.

At home, Joon Jae rests but has a bright smile when Shim Chung calls. She reveals that she's not getting food and Joon Jae attempts to settle her, to no avail. He then calls the hospital and demands that she get food. He travels to the hospital and watches as Shim Chung happily slurps up a meal but questions his reaction. As he's leaving with a smile on his face, Chief Nam comes up to him. The two sit on a bench and Chief Nam scolds him for not remaining in contact, but gives him some homemade tea which prompts a flashback. A young Joon Jae cries for his mother, and is given tea by a young Chief Nam. But Joon Jae continues to cry, despite Chief Nam's promise to take care of him. Years later, Joon Jae is in his room after the fight with Chi Hyun and Chief Nam brings him a medical kit. As Chief Nam takes care of Joon Jae's wounds, Joon Jae vows to leave the house and get rich so he can buy a house for him and his mother. In the present, Joon Jae talks about not keeping his promise, Chief Nam talks of Gil Joon looking for Joon Jae to help clean up everything but he quickly states he wants nothing to do with it and leaves. As he's leaving two men have been revealed as listening in.

In the hospital, Shim Chung watches dramas with an elderly lady. Shim Chung is shocked when the woman knows the scenes before they happen. At one point in the drama a women throws water at a girl when she doesn't take the money offered, the elderly woman explains that it's a common occurrence when a family member doesn't approve of a relationship. Shim Chung asks about family and the woman explains what family means by showing her the families taking care of each other in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Nam Doo meets with Sia who questions Joon Jae's relationship with Shim Chung. While Nam Doo explains Spain, they are both suspicious about Shim Chung's rapid recovery.

Outside, Shim Chung watches a woman outside the hospital with a sign that asks for justice for her daughter. At the same time, the CEO for the hospital arrives and is livid at the fact that the woman is outside and yells and kicks a man for feeling guilt towards the woman. Angered by this, Shim Chung takes action by kicking the CEO in the face. In his office, the CEO becomes even more angry and yells at the doctors for Shim Chung being more abled than they thought. Afterwards, Shim Chung looks for the woman, the woman reveals to her what happened to her daughter and Shim Chung realizing it causes sadness offers to take away the memories. While the woman relives the fond memories of her daughter, she realizes that despite her sadness it's better to have the memories and relays this to Shim Chung.

Taeho, Nam Do, and Joon Jae watch the video of the CEO and Shim Chung. Joon Jae realizes that the CEO is at fault and plans a con. The con begins as Taeho sends a text making it seem as though the son of the chairman has arrived early. Joon Jae plays the hilarious part of the chairman's son and gets the CEO's cell phone. Taeho slips away with the cell and gets to the CEO's office where he gets the laptop and brings up incriminating files on the hospital. Meanwhile, Nam Doo picks up the real son of the chairman at the airport. Taeho and Joon Jae both get to the CEO's office where the CEO realizes they're con men. Joon Jae threatens to release the documents to the world unless he does as he says. Joon Jae gets the CEO to look past the incident with Shim Chung as well as something else. The CEO walks out of the hospital and first apologizes to the man he kicked then approaches the woman. He tells her she was right and gives her the information on her daughter's surgery. Taeho and Joon Jae watch on and Taeho presses the key that sends the documents out.

Inside the hospital, it's time for Shim Chung's release. But she worries about not having a home, until Joon Jae says she'll be coming home with him. In the car, Joon Jae explains that she missed the first snow but there will always be next year. Shim Chung sadly says she won't be there and Joon Jae inquires about why she won't be there next year. She on the other hand inquires about what the woman said about keeping memories despite it causing sadness. By her asking, she says the word love which triggers Joon Jae to the moment at the beach and remembering a voice saying 'I love you'. He brushes it off and reveals that he can still take her to see the first snow fall because it only snowed in Seoul.

At the same time, Nam Doo gets medical records from the hospital.

In the car, Chief Nam explains to Gil Joon that Joon Jae doesn't want to meet as Ji Joon listens in. She's upset over the fact that Gil Joon still wants to meet with Joon Jae. As Gil Joon walks inside he discovers a bug in his car and realizes it was set up by Ji Joon when she gave her the tie. After realizing this, Dae Young approaches the car with a screwdriver.

At a ski resort, Shim Chung changes while Joon Jae gets her ski boots. She comes out in her outfit prompting Joon Jae to stand in shock at her beauty. He pulls her over to change her shoes and as he puts the ski boots on her, he remembers putting the green flats on a girl in Spain. He questions why he remembers that, but brushes it off as deja vu. On the slope, Joon Jae attempts to teach her how to ski but she goes down before he can teach her to stop. As she rushes down the slope, Joon Jae gets to the end preparing to catch her. They roll on the snow but they are both okay. As the episode ends the snow machine begins to blow as Joon Jae stammers when he asks her to say 'I love you'.

In the epilogue, the elderly woman at the hospital explains that although some families can be sweet, some families can be cruel. Shim Chung then meets with Chi Hyun, they get water but Shim Chung eyes it suspiciously. When Chi Hyun reveals that he's Joon Jae's brother, Shim Chung quickly grabs his water and drinks. When he goes to hand her money, she grabs that as well. She explains that she can't have water thrown on her and he can't stop her from loving Joon Jae.

One word, Taeho. I can't stand how unbelievably cute this boy is (I am also a sucker for hackers so that isn't helping). Other than his adorable cuteness with saying Shim Chung's cute, the story is starting to really go now. I thought it would be more comedic but the horrors have just begun. I love seeing Joon Jae change again. He's going back to the way he was in Spain and I'm so eager to see what happens when Shim Chung says those three words. I'm also curious why she's hesitant to reveal what happened in Spain, especially  with Joon Jae constantly pushing her away. I really enjoy this drama, from the hype I was worried that it would go downhill but I'm seriously addicted and I'm sure most would agree!

Clearly it's a 10/10 the cinematography continues to be gorgeous and the acting is absolutely brilliant!

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