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Drama Review: Man Living in Our House' Episode 10 Nan-Gil Professes.: "I love you. Even if I can't say it again, I will still Love You"...

Episode 10: "A Man Living in Our House" can be shortened into a subplot, The Trial. 

Unlocking the scenario

The inciting force that makes this event a relevant part of the TV drama is Na-Ri's Uncle's plea to testify for him. The end is for Na-Ri's mother's marriage annulled.

On the side is Bae CEO pressing him to do so, after all, he owes the company money. The future situations had Na-Ri-meet with Deok-Bong as he has been employed by Nan Gil as his lawyer.

There are the recurring confrontation scenes among our central lovers caught between issues of testifying or not. In short, it is the struggle that follows by staying married to the former Nang-Gil so Nan-Gil can be the stepdad and continue to care for the property. 

His dead wife so unquestionably desired that dream satisfied. Or he could lose the trial and be a lover to Na-Ri.

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Certainly,  the consequence is to drop custody of the restaurant.  One thing rousing is the tv crew coming over because, without it, there will be no solution to Nan-Gil's query- establish that Na-Ri's biological father is indeed dead, according to dramabeans.

The very same deal he made before allowing the filming of the restaurant. The appearance of Yeo-Joe is relevant because it sets Na-Ri's character as the victorious.

After she had broken Na-Ri's heart when she had a relationship with her ex-fiance., Yeo Joe confesses that Nari took her back when his co-flight attendants turned against her. 

Trial day

 Per dramacool, Na- Ri testifies for her uncle. Lawyer cross-examines with four questions (58:27-!:21): does she know Nan- Gill? Does she know Nan-Gil had married her mother?

Did her dad have a lot of debt and whether she thinks the marriage of Nan-Gil and her mother's was null and void? She answers yes to the first three.

On the fourth, an inner voice stops her. She fidgets, lays her eyes on Nan-Gil.The moment ends with her. Once again, an inner voice stills a thud in her.

Nan- Gil smiles. She reclaims that smile as he professes "I love you. Even if I can't say it again, I will love you". Silence heeds her. But the thought lingers, " if we can't declare our love for each other, what's the use loving"?

The Plot thickens

As the plot thickens, one can never stop falling for the couple's "unrequited" love sort of. What makes theirs so winsome is,( despite the plot going wobbly at some ends), they hold on to each other.Theirs is a vow that when love questions, no grounds of hate are big enough to let loose.

The scriptwriter understands when to sustain the audience's attention as the episodes pull through. The court battle unites the characters alienated in the previous episodes; Deok Bong hates the restaurant that Nan-Gil runs but he is now his lawyer.

Joo- Yeo who abhors Na- Ri finally confesses she is glad that Na-Ri had her back when her Joo-workers resented her, but now she backs her for Deok Bong.

There is further work needed to advance a cohesive plot and characterization in this episode. The use of the "inner voice" works well to show the conflict in Na Ri.

Flashbacks weave the plot structure into a plausible order but can distort the audience's addiction to the central lovers. And this goes on as the next episode reels off on the TV screen. 

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