Apr 03, 2017 | 04:21 AM EDT

SM Entertainment Gives Low Salaries to Employees? Agency Joins Forces With Mystic Entertainment To Reach New Heights

Has SM Entertainment been treating their employees well? Current and former employees of the agency have revealed what really happens inside the top agency's offices.

According to Koreaboo, screenshot captures of reviews of former and current employees of SM Entertainment have surfaced recently on an online community portal. According to them, SM Entertainment has been treating them poorly.

The reviews of the current and former employees of SM Entertainment can be found on "Jobplanet", a site similar to US' "Glassdoor". The site lets employees of a company (current or ex) to leave anonymous reviews of the said company.

SM Entertainment only has a 2.5 star rating. 94 reviews for the agency come from employees in several teams which showed that employee's experience varied.

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In the screenshots found in the online community, most of the SM Entertainment reviews were negative, stating the disadvantages of working at the company. The reviews specifically targeted SM Entertainment's meager pay and unfair treatment between employees.

The reviews left by the employees also stated how SM Entertainment did not provide their employees with enough benefits. And given the fact that the agency is a big one, their salaries was extremely low.

The reviews also stated how the agency would treat their artists very well to the extent of treating them like royalties whenever they succeeded. SM Entertainment however, would blame the employees heavily if the artist did not do well.

Most of the employees were also required to work overtime during the week, including weekends. The result was employees of SM Entertainment had to leave their social lives as they work extra hours for only little pay.

However, not all employee reviews were negative. Several employee reviews stated that SM Entertainment has good horizontal communications and that working in the company could open up many career paths.

They however noted that experiences between employees varied between departments.SM Entertainment is yet to comment on the said issues.

In other news, SM Entertainment recently bought a major share of Mystic Entertainment. As previously reported, the agency bought 28% percent of Mystic Entertainment stocks.

SM Entertainment hopes that with Mystic Entertainment, they may be able to reach new heights in the music industry. The agency also planned on creating new contents and expanding into the mobile media.

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