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Jun 02, 2017 | 15:28 PM EDT

How Park Myung Soo Cleans All 123 Floors Of Lotte Tower

News broke out saying that Park Myung Soo has taken up another big challenge. It's important to note that the celebrity has just experienced doing another great task with the 63-Building in Seoul. Now, he is reported to be embarking on another bigger and more difficult mission for "Infinity Challenge."

According to All K-pop, Park Myung Soo is tasked with cleaning all of the 123 floors of the Lotte Tower. However, the tricky thing about his task is that he only used a broom to do it, thus sweeping all of the 123 floors in one of South Korea's tallest towers.

Reports have it that Park Myung Soo is tasked of cleaning and making sure that all of the outdoor facilities of the tower are free of dust and other dirty things. And that is just what he did last May 30.

There are also reports that state that he has also wiped down all of the windows of the tall tower. It is reported that the difficult task of cleaning the Lotte Tower by himself is specifically made to be added as a scene in "Infinity Challenge."

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MBC Entertainment, the company that produces the hit variety show, "Infinity Challenge," says that Park Myung Soo has been filmed alone because the other members of the show are busy with their own respective schedules.

Park Myung Soo has managed to also clean the 63-Building way back in November 2011. This was also for "Infinity Challenge." Now, he was asked about doing it again on a much taller tower.

The Lotte Tower has a height of 555.65 meters, having 123 floors. This is two times larger than the area that Park Myung Soo covered for the 63-Building.

For sure, this will show the patience and the other side of Park Myung Soo. He is one of the most popular Korean celebrities due to his jack-of-all-trades personality. He is known as a singer, DJ, comedian and even a music composer. Surely, him cleaning the Lotte Tower added up to his list of milestones. 

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