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Jun 05, 2017 | 11:50 AM EDT

BigBang's T.O.P Arrested Due To Marijuana Use

BigBang's T.O.P is one of the most popular K-pop idols not only in South Korea but throughout the rest of Asia and the world as well. However, he isn't free from all the scandals and issues as he was previously arrested for marijuana use last October. The police confirmed this to have happened.

It is reported that the K-pop idol was tested for marijuana use, and surprisingly, the results came out positive. However, the tests didn't confirm if he was using marijuana constantly.

In line with this, the police say that T.O.P's marijuana case has already been sent to the prosecution office for further investigation. It is also worth knowing that T.O.P has already started his mandatory military service training last February 9. He was assigned to the Seoul National Police Agency for two years.

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According to Perez Hilton, YG Entertainment, the management company of T.O.P and BigBang, confirms that the news regarding him smoking marijuana is true. The company also says that this happened before he was enlisted in the police. Because of this, YG Entertainment sent out their sincere apologies regarding the matter.

Now, T.O.P is undergoing a full police investigation regarding his marijuana use. According to Straits Times, the management company YG Entertainment also says that T.O.P is regretting his wrongdoing, as he has tainted the image and reputation of his group, BigBang.

Under the law of the South Korean government, people who are caught smoking marijuana can be jailed for five years or pay a hefty sum of 50 million Won or $45,000. Hopefully, T.O.P will finally gain his redemption back once all of these issues and troubles are settled upon. Let's also hope that T.O.P will stop using marijuana as this can cause mental and physical problems later on in his life.

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