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Jun 06, 2017 | 12:20 PM EDT

Take A Glimpse On U-KISS' Eli And Ji Yeon Soo Grand Wedding

U-KISS' Eli has finally married his wife, Ji Yeon Soo. This was one of the most memorable wedding ceremonies that involve two K-pop idols.

All of this started way back in 2014 saying that Eli is planning to marry her girlfriend which is 11 years older than him. People from around the world are surprised by this due to the huge age gap between the two. However, this didn't stop them from their love for one another.

They were married by then. And just last year, the couple had their very first baby named, Minsoo. Soon after, the couple then planned to finally have a wedding ceremony after three years of marriage. The wedding ceremony was held last June 3. With it, a lot of gorgeous photos were sent out to the public for all to see.

According to All K-pop, the reception of the wedding was celebrated at a certain hotel located in Gangnam. Eli says in his social media account that he is still nervous and excited with his upcoming wedding ceremony with Ji Yeon Soo. He says that even though they have been already married for quite some time, he still is thrilled with the thought that they will be finally wed in a church with a real wedding ceremony.

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According to Soompi, the K-pop idol also adds that even though they already have Minsoo with them, he is still very much excited and thrilled for his wedding day. This just shows that he truly loves his family, especially Ji Yeon Soo.

U-KISS' Eli then says his sincere gratitude to Ji Yeon Soo saying that he is very thankful that she will be marrying him. He also adds that it was hard for them to reach this stage. Now that thye are finally a legit wed couple, they sure will love each other more. Let's wish the newlywed couple the best of luck.

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