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Jun 23, 2017 | 15:00 PM EDT

ChoA Announces Departure From AOA Due to Mental Issues, 'Nothing Has Been Confirmed Yet' Says FNC Entertainment

ChoA is leaving AOA. In her lengthy Instagram post uploaded on Thursday, June 22, ChoA revealed the details of her decision to leave the girl group.

As previously reported by KpopStarz, ChoA clarified the rumors of her leaving AOA. In her Instagram post uploaded on May 16, the AOA member stated that she is "not" leaving the group and is just taking a personal time off.

However, in her lengthy Instagram post uploaded on the evening of June 22, Koreaboo reports that ChoA announced she is officially leaving AOA. According to ChoA herself, she is currently suffering depression.

According to ChoA, she first started feeling quite sad when AOA debuted in 2012. She knew that the group has received that much of love since they debuted, but she still pressed on.

As the years progressed for the group, ChoA said she was starting to feel a little sick inside. "While promoting, there were many times where I just wanted to cry," wrote the AOA member.

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This was when ChoA started feeling depressed and even had difficulty sleeping. But she was treated for it eventually.

"During the course of 2 years, my promotions were cut back a bit, but even when I was resting it really wasn't resting," wrote ChoA.

"During the course of 2 years, my promotions were cut back a bit, but even when I was resting it really wasn't resting," wrote ChoA. She noticed that people are still looking up at her and that she would be a burden to the group if it continued.

ChoA then proceeded to talk with her managers and superiors in FNC Entertainment on June 22. On the same day, she has officially removed herself from AOA. To end her post, ChoA thanked her AOA members for sticking by her side all this time. She also never failed to mention her fans who have loved her after all this years.

FNC Entertainment then released a statement on the same day and claimed that ChoA has not left the girl group, at least not yet. The agency claimed that talks are still ongoing with the AOA member and that nothing has been confirmed yet.

Fans are now starting to think that this might be the end for AOA. Once ChoA's departure is confirmed, AOA, and as well as the fans would not be the same anymore.

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