Jul 06, 2017 | 19:17 PM EDT

A Member From Pentagon & Produce IOI Caught Dating?

Another set of lovebirds has risen to the surface in the world of K-Pop. Photos have been circulating of Pentagon's Hong Seok and Produce IOI's Lee Soo Hyun on a date and out and about the city of Seoul.

The two seemed to be trying their best to hide from the public as they wore hats and simplistic clothing. Fans have been circulating the photos and confirmed it is indeed Hong Seok whereas the "mystery girl" was identified as Lee Soo Hyun due to her piercings and matching similarities.

Netizens left commentary in regards to the idols mainly expressing anger. "What? They must be filming something or are close friends", "Soo Hyun didn't even debut yet!! How could she??", "Wow, they're so free and open..." 

Some online users claimed that the girl in the photo isn't Lee Soo Hyun but rather Hongseok's cousin. The debate about the idol star's relationship with the girl is ongoing while her identity continues to remain a mystery.  

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