Jul 14, 2017 | 16:55 PM EDT

These Two Idols Recently Admitted They Are Dating

Summer time is truly the time for love and romance. It seems K-Pop idols are dating left and right and this time UEE and Kangnam are making moves! At first, their agency, including the idols themselves, had denied the rumors but now it has been confirmed that the two are dating.

Both idols admitted to dating on July 14th. Their agency had responded saying, "The two just recently began dating with romantic feelings and are in the beginning stages, so we are being careful with the sudden reports. To be considerate of the other side, we denied the rumors at first, but after discussing the matter with both sides, we've decided to come forward with it."  

The agency continued to further state that the idols will continue on with their public relationship. Kangnam's agency also carried out a similar statement regarding the reveal of the hidden couple.  "It's true that [Kangnam] is dating UEE. We gave no comments previously to be considerate of the other side." 

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Dispatch, one of Korea's most popular news and celebrity gossip portals, had revealed videos and photos proving that the two were in a relationship previously which is what caused the stir among netizens. 

Many fans speculated that the two idols grew closer and got to know one another through their time participating in the broadcast 'Laws of The Jungle In New Zealand.' What do you think of this celebrity couple? Better than the Song-Song couple or another cute couple to add to the list?

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