Jul 18, 2017 | 19:01 PM EDT

Another Breaking Marijuana Scandal - What Boy Group Was Involved?

Get ready to face palm all over again as another boy group has been involved with another drug scandal involving marijuana. 

It was revealed recently that indie boy band 10cm were accused of smuggling illegal drugs and substances. Some assume it was smuggled across the border and into Korea after their concert in Taipei but police reports say otherwise. Yoon Seung-jong (35, right), was prosecuted for smuggling cannabis. In urine and hair tests, the hemp and other drug substances were not detected, but Yoon confessed to the crime at the police station.

The Busan Sasang Police Station had sent Yun to the western subcontractor of the Busan District Prosecutor 's Office on charges of violating the law on possession of drugs. According to the police and the prosecution, Yoon is suspected of smuggling two samples of cannabis from Kwak Moo 's house in Hapcheon, Gyeongnam Province, last July.

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Kwak was arrested on April 7th for allegedly cultivating hemp and selling it at his home.
Police investigated Mr. Kwak and confirmed that his friends gathered at Kwak's house and smoked hemp. In the process, the police reportedly found Yoon to be one of the friends mentioned above and caught Yoon, placing charges after his confession. On May 11th, police investigated Yoon as a suspect. 

Yoon had recently left 10cm due to health reasons and now this drug scandal makes things even worse. While many fans worry about his health, others question what he was thinking getting involved with it after recent headlines involving marijuana use among other idols. Further charges and punishment have not been revealed yet. Stay tuned for more updates. What do you think of this precarious situation involving Yoon?

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