Jul 19, 2017 | 13:28 PM EDT

EXO Are Accused of Plagiarizing BTS With Photo Proof

It seems EXO aren't just winning awards and dominating the charts without any problems. Recently, a fan has called out EXO for copying BTS' hit MV "I Need U" with similar scenes in their latest release for "Real." Check out the side by side comparisons below.

The user uploaded the photos to a popular Korean portal site, Instiz, claiming there were over 4 scenes that replicated similar concepts and images from BTS' "I Need U." While the concept might be different, the aesthetics are quite similar. 

The popular scenes a top of the trains or laying in the grass fields were just one of the many scenes replicated in EXO's "Real" MV. 

Some fans commented that the post was "unnecessary" or wishing "I am just so happy EXO is back...T_T" Where as some other fans were shocked to see how many scenes practically mirrored each other.

What do you think of all the shocking similarities? Is it just a coincidence since so many concepts have been done by many artists nowadays, or are EXO really borrowing from BTS' concept? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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