Jul 19, 2017 | 14:00 PM EDT

Fans Are Giving Idols These Disturbing Gifts At Fan Meetings

Everyone loves attending fan meetings because it is a moment o get up close and personal with your favorite idols. However, some fans are ruining it for others with the gifts they have been bringing for idols. But what could this odd gift be that it is bothering fans so much to make posts about it?

That's right, baby pacifiers. Fans felt it has been rather odd lately to see the staggering increase in female idols receiving baby pacifiers (or nipples as they call it in Korea) and then appearing with them at fan meetings.

Many fans felt that the baby pacifiers weren't just something to add to their aegyo or for the sake of being cute. Many are accusing these fans of forcing idols to live out odd fetishes and fantasies. Fans are especially pointing fingers at older fans deemed 'uncle fans' in Korea.

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While it has been mentioned that some of these pacifiers/nipples are of the candy variety (think like a ring pop in the U.S.A) it still doesn't remove the uncomfortable image of idols being babies or even influencing lolita habits. Fans left comments such as, "This needs to stop," "We fans stan some weird shit...," and "Especially Twice cause they indeed have tons of uncle fans more than anyone else and it's creepy af ew!"  

But it isn't just for girls! Male idols are also receiving the peculiar gifts, making the blame a little more ambiguous. While some find it odd altogether, some female fans are being noticed for enjoying the fact that they can baby their favorite idols. It seems men aren't the only ones to blame anymore.

What do you think of this odd, fetish-like gift? Is it too much and coming from a perverted place - especially in regards to uncle fans? Or is it simply a cute gesture that makes for a great idol photo shoot? Let us know your take on this idea down in the comments!

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