Jul 24, 2017 | 18:39 PM EDT

BTOB Hyungsik Films Himself Bathing On 'V Live'

BTOB's Hyungsik has fans melting in their seats and clutching their hearts for dear life as he wooed us all as he bathed in front of the camera on a recent 'V Live!'

In celebration of BTOB's 'Piece of BTOB' project series, where members release individual songs to showcase their unique talents and personal concepts, Hyungsik showcased his style in the single "Swimming," which is the 4th part of the album. Each member will be releasing their own distinct song each month!

To add a little more flair and fun to his new single "Swimming," Hyungsik thought it would be a great idea (I'd say sexy idea) to share a bath with viewers on 'V Live.' Despite it being his plan, Hyungsik admitted that he felt a little nervous and embarrassed while filming the broadcast. "I am wearing a swimsuit underneath," he later revealed to fans.

However, Hyungsik wanted to deliver a message to fans. "Don't just focus on what you're seeing, but listen to what I'm saying too," he said casually. He really wanted to become personal with fans, showcase his supreme talent and ask for their support not only for his single but his other members as well! Hyungsik is so kind, right? Don't forget to check out the other singles from BTOB and check out Hyungsik's new song down below.

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